The Right Transition Jacket For Autumn 2014

Quite calmly, I definitely would not like to finish the summer yet, but I would just like to discuss the topic “The right transition jacket for the autumn of 2014”. Because you know how fast it goes, that the hours of sunshine become less and the not so friendly weather catches.

Therefore, in this article, there is only a little general knowledge about the transition jacket before I try a few buying tips for just this. As always, your opinion is also in demand. So use the comments quietly to introduce us some interesting jacket.

Transitional Jacket Autumn-What Is It All About?

According to dentistrymyth, the transition jacket is a piece of clothing designed for the transition from one season to the next, and belongs to the class of the outerwear, just like any jacket. One can hold that this type of jacket is an all-round talent in fashion. It is not so light as a summer jacket, which is usually only worn as a rain cover or accessory, but not as warm as a winter jacket, which is used at extremely low temperatures.

The transition jacket is used in the spring or autumn, when it is cool and mostly damp in the morning and in the evening, but is usually warm and sunny at midday. The right transition jacket for the autumn prevents you from freezing in the cold hours and sweating unnecessarily in the warm hours, which is usually associated with a later cooling, which can lead to colds.

If one thinks of autumn or spring, however, one quickly realizes that these are often accompanied by a change of sunshine and rain showers. Therefore, it is important that the ideal transition jacket is waterproof and windproof for the sake of comfort. Since in sunshine such a jacket can also lead to spontaneous sweat breaks, a good transition jacket should be breathable.

So we think that the right transition jacket for autumn 2014 should have the following characteristics:

To the history of the jacket is still to be noted that it was only in the twentieth century that fashion entered. In the early days, the first jackets were made of cotton and linen, in the rarest cases of expensive leather. In the course of the seventies synthetic fibers displaced the natural materials almost completely, but no reaction without counter-reaction, the natural materials came back.

In modern times, most of the transition jackets are made from so-called functional materials such as softshell or fleece jackets. Here, these functional jackets combine the previously mentioned important features of a transition jacket, they are breathable but still water repellent and windproof. Natural materials such as linen, silk and hemp from sustainable cultivation are still not part of the old iron, and they continue to thrive. The environmentally friendly aspect, as well as the wearing comfort, plays an important role for many consumers.

Different Styles For Different Requirements

In this section I would like to take a closer look at the various styles of the transition jacket. Here you will find briefly the most important information about the individual types of the transition jacket, followed by some jackets, which I like personally. Under the respective photo you find the direct links in the shops where the jacket is available, I always go from a viewing from left to right.

Functional Jacket-The Sporty Version
Functional jackets, made of modern materials which are heat-insulating and nevertheless carry away internal moisture to the outside, but at the same time protect against rain, wind and cold. In various price and performance classes, everyone actually finds a functional jacket for his application. Jack Wolfskin is one of the best-known suppliers of functional jackets. Jack Wolfskin has long been a part of everyday fashion with his jackets.
Fleece Jackets-If It Is Comfortable To Warm
Fleece jackets are made of polyester and are particularly suitable when you need a heat-insulating jacket, which is also extremely light. This type jacket is characterized by its special fluffiness, which gives it a high wearing comfort.

The low weight makes it an ideal companion for jogging in autumn and winter. From outside it absorbs very little to no moisture and can be used well in everyday life, which makes it particularly easy to care for. In the case of rainy weather, the fleece jackets alone are not to be preferred, but they can not be combined with a sensible soft-shell jacket.
Softshell Jacket-A Multitalent
This consists of two different layers of fabric, so the upper is windproof, the bottom is breathable. This protects the body against cold without getting into heat during heat. Rain can only withstand these jackets for a limited time.

So if you are traveling in foggy areas or areas marked by drizzle, you will find the ideal companion with the softshell jacket, since you can maintain your mobility without weighing on a lot of additional weight. The Softshell jacket is a transitional jacket with the widest range of applications.
Raincoats-A Classic
If a softshell jacket is no longer enough to hold the rain, only the grip on the classic raincoat really helps. By the use of rubber, PVC or also plastic, a reliable water protection is generated.

If you now come to the idea of ​​using a rain jacket as a transition jacket, you should pay attention to the breathing activity. Because the helpful isolation of external moisture also helps to absorb the body’s moisture. It is important to look for a rain jacket with modern materials such as Goretex, as these allow a certain degree of respiratory activity.
Fred Perry X Bradley Wiggins Green Rainjacke

Leatherjacke-If It’s To Be Elegant
With one of my favorite clothes is the leather jacket, just always fits, especially at warm summer summers ideal. In terms of water tightness, she does not necessarily play in the first league, but in terms of fashion makes much more than a classic rain jacket. In addition, it can be made weather-resistant with the correct care, for example leather grease or a corresponding oil.
Hopefully there was some inspiration for you and maybe you have already found the right transition jacket for this autumn. Tell me and the other readers just in the comments. Otherwise, I am of course also happy about when you share the contribution to the social networks, if he liked you.