The Pointer to The Screen Capacitive HTC HD2 It’s Official

Overtook him there for the month of November, they began to see images on a curious attachment to the HTC HD2, it was able to operate on capacitive screens pointer. The idea of the Taiwanese was not to lose the definition in the pulsations which Windows Mobile users are accustomed.

Today we can say that it’s official, after several delays, we can see it in the store of accessories from HTC in the United Kingdom, at a price of 12 pounds (13.42 EUR). It seems that the final name of the attachment will be HTC HD2 Capacitive Stylus.

The attachment is based on a prior patent of HTC, where he was described as the pointer has a magnetic head that produces energy, that enter in contact with the screen, it responds as if it were a finger, but with greater precision.

As curiosity will say that in some countries, mostly Asian, like resistive screens by the definition provided by them to write complicated characters their languages, and HTC has wanted to present a solution for capacitive screens. Another important reason for this development, as one of our commentators, says is the possibility of using the screen with gloves, areas that is too cold will thank you.

We hope to soon know first impressions on his operation, and see how much precision can be achieved with the same. I have to say that the evidence I’ve seen with similar solutions (available on YouTube), they liked the timely precision, but not when it comes to drawing lines, I trust that you have improved with this new accessory.