The Necklaces Of The Time!

I’m definitely a girl with chains!I’ve always loved to wear gold models to the hills and collect little tops.I have a bow, red hamsa, bunny, skull…

But since the power necklace trend started u (post “véinho” here !), I’ve been trying to retire the thousand threads in exchange for just one piece well bapha! Hahaha I got to buy some very “shy”, but after seeing the girls wearing SPFW with powerful necklaces, which seemed more sewn in the clothes themselves, I decided to join in!

It is undoubtedly the accessory of the moment and in times of black, white and gray on all sides, super helps to give an incrementada in the most basic looks! Here homosociety researched and separated 4 models worth investing in:

It all started with our beloved Tom Binns, huh? It was only his creations started to be used by celebs from all over the world, that glitter and pearl necklace won a lot of versions in various brands!

Even I did a very humble GE version! Ahahah It weighs horrors but it’s beautiful, everyone wants to borrow it and get neck pain too!Lol

To use the Binns tendon, look for models that make a powerful mix of pearls, chains and glitter and match a good dress will make it fall!

If you inspire and put your hand in the dough to produce yours is also worth it, all the necklaces I saw to sell were priced beeeeem salgadinho … mine did not leave for more than $ 80.00! There is a tutorial here and on Contigo magazine website.

Another strong trend that I’m crazy to copy are these fabric models! Made in satin, leather or felt, they can even confuse and look trapped in the blouse, as if they were a very nice phyna collar.Look for wearing with the neckline format…

This also seems suuuper easy to do! Just get a piece of felt and get out gluing \ stitching stones and rhinestones, the more ryco the better!

For the most modern, I suggest investing in the fringed pieces! Valuable metal chains or even a mixture with those stripes of satin sold per meter.

The incredible parts of the photo are from a great seller from called Norwegianwood, worth the click!

The delicate and classic will love to give an updated on the pearls and chains by tying velvet or satin ribbons both at the end of the necklace, and at the front making a bow! It’s cute without being boring right?

I have also seen some beautiful pieces of pearls covered with tulle , it gives a nice beem effect!

After so much researching it gave me a willingness to make more pieces! Hahaha I even created a pastry here with more inspirations… I think there is a lot of DIY around!

For now, I took to photograph some of my favorite bijus of the moment:

  1. Necklace Binnzão:I did not ghatas.. no one else can hear me say that! Lol
  2. Necklace stones – Space ND : It is the best ever jewelry shop! Type an Accessorize on March 25! Just had not done post before because the people there were a bore me! Lol I got a little rag…
  3. Loop Necklace – ND Space
  4. Rhinestone Bracelets: Some street store from March 25 also…
  5. Gold Bracelets – ND
  6. Necklace with stones – Accessorize: I bought it more than a year ago but I’m only using it now! Hehehe
  7. C golden eye – Space ND