The Most Wonderful Heart Earrings You’ve Ever Seen

The most wonderful Heart Earrings you’ve ever seen here, in Frances jewelry. Check out the models that do more success among our clients.

Who doesn’t have at least an accessory of heart? Here at Frances Jewelry we have several products with this format, ranging from necklaces to rings. Today we will show the earrings that heart that rock. And I bet you’ll want to use all the models that we show below. Check out:

Heart Earring With Center Stone And White Zircônias Around 18 K Gold Plated

This is one of our new release and it’s beautiful. All with white zircônias, this earring is small but nothing. If you have a second hole, it pays to make combinations with other pieces such as rings or points of light.

Heart Earring With Center Stone And Zircônias Around Gold RosÉ Veneer

If you fell in love with the 18 k gold plated earring will see that in 18 k red gold case the result is even more beautiful. The zircônias still give special charm to the look. And check out other earrings that are successful in rosé gold according to Healthinclude.Com.

White Heart Earrings Studded With 18 K Gold Plated Zircônias

This earring is similar to another with the pink stone. But this milky white tone is amazing. And you can combine with wonderful chokers in Frances Jewelry.

Heart Small Earring With White Stone Veneer In 18 K Gold

For the more discreet, this earring is the right choice. Combines with looks of work and even soccer if you use hair stuck. What matters is to use according to your style.

Heart Earring With Natural Stone Light Blue Studded With Zircônias 18 K Gold Plated

To close with a golden key we have this powerful earring with natural stone andzircônias mounted throughout the play. Oh, you want to know how to take care of his plays of Frances Jewelry? Check out a post that gives super easy care tips for you to put into practice.

This was a post about the heart earrings that make the greatest success in Frances Jewelry. But we have a lot more on our website, all you have to do is click here. Oh, if you want to experience visit our showroom in Rio de Janeiro. Is on rua Haddock Lobo, 210, 701 and 702 rooms, Tijuca.