The Most Expensive Running Shoes

And that all is marketing issue. A shoe of €150 is not necessarily the best on the market. A running shoe is usually face materials, technology that carries and, above all, the marketing that is.

Choosing the perfect shoe is not an easy task and the price is one of the factors to be considered. According to a survey conducted in RunRepeat, the most expensive sneakers are not usually the best valued by the runners. On this website you will find lots of information about brands, rankings and comparative.

In the following shoes about the conclusions that were taken from the Homethodology, you can see a visual classification around the price of the shoe and your score. As you can see, the Skechers brand wins and known as Mizuno or adidas trademarks do not go as well stops:

According to my experience, with sneakers more than €50 is has more than enough to train, especially if we do not seek to compete, just run for fun or entertainment. That Yes, we need to find a shoe that fits our features.

So if this Christmas is looking to give a running shoe, do not believe that it will be very good to overcome the €100 a shoe. When one buys a shoe very face expected a noticeable difference with the rest of sneakers and actually is not.