The Look of the Years 70 in Makeup and Hairstyle

A time of important changes occurred in the Decade of 70, where the look hippie and disco were successful.

The makeup and hairstyles characteristic of 70 Years were full of bright colors, but also a natural style for the face.

Next, give the details to get all the splendor of the season and add it to our days.

To get at the time, we have to look back and evaluate what were the fashion trends that split in two, on the one hand flower power that has engulfed with hippies, and on the other, all the brilliance that brought the disco music. Clearly a whole generation was inspired in these musical idols and their glamorous looks.

Flared pants, ethnic clothing, bandanas, jeans, dresses, tunics and blouses were African and oriental classic of hippies who preferred the prints.

On the other hand, during the night were bright and laminated materials success with great combination of colors and prints. Waist dresses, tight clothes and for men colored suits and shirts with pointy collars.

What United both styles were very high heel platforms and across the range of tones and fabrics.


The Wicks carded or too flat and long with bangs in the Middle were the key, for that much drier and volume, if used to fix her hair. Simpler versions were using braids of any style.

Fringes were very present, very exaggerated almost covering their eyes. But when the hair was curly, the best was Crown him with tiaras and wear it too long.

The faces of the season

The makeup followed both styles always highlighting the look in the first place. The eyeliner was very marked with thick lines, some added false eyelashes or bright shades. For the rest of the face, the base was very natural, with only pink blush and lips with a touch of gloss.
To achieve this it is necessary to start with a perfect skin with BB Cream, which will correct imperfections, leaving a very natural finish.

In my eyes, the best are the shadows and light brilliant gold or pink, always applied in the form of a curve. Then, the most important touch with the eyeliner pencil khol in bottom water line of the eye and at the top. Never forget the mask that requires at least two steps to give more importance to the look.

On the cheeks, a salmon pink tone applied in form of C, marking the bone of the cheekbones. If you want to lift the color, for example, to the night in something more disk, it’s best to opt for a lipstick in Fuchsia tones and add more shine in the shadows.

Icons of the years 70

To recreate the style, nothing better than to probe their women more representative.

For the hippie side, Marianne Faithfull wore your long blond hair in a more casual. On the other hand, when started the disco era, in “Saturday night fever” and “Charlie’s Angels” actress Fara Fawcett was a whole brand. The added more color and style your hair neat with lots of brushing and highlighted.

At the end of the Decade, all this glamour if overreacted completely releasing the sets to movements like punk or even more trash yet.

Recreate the beauty of women of that time and give it a modern twist is very simple if you have makeup of classic tones, since the important thing is the face of course, the natural, the beauty of the woman without masking it.