The Lists of Places in Google Maps

Already more than half year ago I showed them the evolution of stars for Mark locations on Google Maps: you could save places in different lists of favorite places, places that you want to go or lists custom anything imaginable.

By him then, and even now, the lists of places custom Google Maps have been available to those Local Guides of Google Maps with a level 4 or higher. Apparently, the experiment has been a success, as Google is now showing these lists to the Local Guides of level 2 or higher, so it’s easy to deduce that not take much more to be available for everyone.

What are the lists of Google Maps?

Traditionally you enabled Google Maps only highlight places playing the star icon. Although perhaps some years ago with this we had enough, after years of use more than one has your city with so many stars as a Galaxy. Moreover, there is no way to indicate in any way a place is outstanding: does good food? you’ve already been? would you like to return? need to remember to not go ever again?

This is where come the new lists of Google Maps, that some users are enjoying from the last year, others will start them to see for the first time at this time and there are some who still will have to wait a little longer. By default, Google Maps has the following lists:

  • Favorites: places marked with an icon of heart, that presumably you love and you want to be noted in your map, to get back to them whenever you have the chance.
  • I want to go: places marked with a bookmark icon, and you should use to highlight places that you want to go (for example, when planning a trip).
  • Highlights: small “tailor drawer” with places marked with the icon of the star where they will stop the old favorites.

However, the main interest lies in the possibility of creating your own custom lists. In this case you can customize icon (at least for now), but yes to choose a name and a description for your list, as well as add as many places as you want.

It will depend on you for what you will want to use these lists, but is clear that whether it is to mark your favorite cafes as places that you do not want to miss or where they serve the best steak in the city, the function is very useful and we can only hope that it is finally available for all Local Guides or not.

If you are wanting to use the lists and are not a Local Guide, you have two options: wait for an undetermined period of time or start today itself to collaborate in Google Maps. Finally and ultimately reach the level 2 not should suppose too much effort.