The Keys To Buy A Dryer

Would you like your clothes to dry at full speed?

The clothes dryers help much at home because it allows us to save time and space.

It is also a very useful in certain regions because although much of our region benefits from a warm and sunny climate throughout the year, there are areas of North and the coast in which moisture prevents clothes from drying fast and well. In other cases it is complicated to use space to dry in the open air. We cannot forget the elderly and disabled for this task can be very heavy and uncomfortable.

Before you buy one you must look at a number of factors:

Evacuation or condensation?

Dryers operate in the following way: sucking the air in the room where are installed and heat it to inject it inside a drum which rotates the wash.Depending on how you drive out moisture from clothes, there are two types of dryers:

Evacuation, wringing moisture directly to the outside through a tube.

Condensing, collecting the water vapor in an internal tank.

In principle, the evacuation dryers, are preferable because they tend to be cheaper; consume a little less than electricity and do not have to be aware of a perfect sealing of the device. You must install them on a drying rack, so that the damp air exhaust tube has a direct exit to the outside.

There are two types of evacuation dryers: electronic and mechanical. The former are easier to use because they determine the temperature and duration of drying according to desired outcomes: wash list to iron, very dry, ultra dry…

The trend indicates that manufacturers are opting for more washing machines manufactured by condensation under the pretext that have improved the heat pump. When it comes to economic models the energy consumption of these dryers is similar to the evacuation. Regarding the length of programmes and noise emitted, they leave much to be desired.

Another alternative is the lavasecadoras, which combine these two functions in a single appliance. They save a lot of space, but not dry once all the washed laundry.

A few basic tips.

By where you exit the discharge pipe (on the sides, under or behind the appliance) does not affect the efficiency of drying.

There are models in which it is possible to reverse the direction of the door, this way you do not chocarás with the washer door.

The temperature selector is a very useful function: allows you to increase or decrease the heat according to the type of clothing that is going to be dry; for example, it is preferable to lower the temperature a bit when handling delicate.

The timer is another way to control the drying: can graduate it wash out wet and iron is then more easily. The most modern models have programs that adjust the wash moisture values desired.

Another handy option is the antipelusas filter cleaning indicator.Otherwise you will have to clean it after each use. Some manufacturers are developing self-cleaning lint filter capacitors.

Most models include a special anti-wrinkle cycle, by injection of steam at the end of the program.

A dryer with a capacity of 5 kg is more than enough for a family of four.

The question that all you do how much to consume?

As approximately 50 euros per year in electricity.

Evacuation dryers tend to be cheaper than the condensation; Even so, its average price more than €300. And varies very much according to the place of purchase: businesses cheaper to buy a dryer are hypermarkets and the superstores; While if you are looking for a wide variety of models, the ideal is an appliances store.

But the purchase price is not the only thing in it that you have to fix. This device, like any other you need heat, consumes a considerable amount of electricity. The annual cost, using it four times a week, around 50 euros; and that if a dryer with energy class A+, by far, the most efficient of the developed.