The Importance of Using Appropriate Sunglasses

The eyes It is a part of our body that must pay attention, take good care of them and protect them properly is very important. In this regard, our colleague Ann already us ahead in his post do need glasses? the importance of an early diagnosis and the sight of an annual revisions.

A very important point is also the protection the Sun-specific. As this has cumulative effects on our skin and we try to protect it with the appropriate use, we must also pay the same attention in eye care.

Today there are on the market a wide variety of solar glasses, Although not all offer the same guarantees, importantly, get good advice and always buy certified products, in this way we guarantee its quality. Only 33% of the sunglasses sold in year past were approved, in other words, carrying the distinctive CE. It is important to remember not all the crystals to protect from the rays of the Sun, if sunglasses don’t have the proper filter the pupil dilates much and more radiation penetrates the eye.

The purpose of protective filters for sunglasses is protect your eyes of them radiation harmful of the Sun, reduce it fatigue eye and, in some cases, improve the perception visual, the use of these lenses protective is makes each time more indispensable due to them conditions atmospheric current, and not only by them adults, each time is more important awareness is of the need of protect our eyes from the childhood.

Choose the most suitable filter type will be based on the ambient light level and sensitivity to glare on the person. Hence the importance of the particular and personal choice of sunglasses that are going to use, not only based on the aesthetics of the same, although the latter, in the times that run somewhat more complicated.

Thinking of the children is paramount focus on comfort, given that their daily activities require elements that do not cause them discomfort. Perhaps the best type of material would be the organic.

According to textual information of the digital magazine Saludalia

Currently, most of the sunscreens used are organic material. Possess good optical quality and its weight is much lower than that of the mineral lenses, sunglasses with organic lenses are therefore much lighter according to Ruizesolar, while providing protection against impact. This is important in sports, since crystals could cause injury in case of breakage.

Choice of the sunglasses and the knowledge of its properties is important, our eyes are one of the most important organs of the body and which, unfortunately, sufficient attention is not given. In another post I more indagaré about the different types that exist in the market and the tonlidades of filters.