The Importance of Making You Pregnancy Controls

Controls had not been done during pregnancy and did not know if everything was going well, regular or fatal. I only knew that she was pregnant and when you have pain it would go to the hospital, and is what made when at 26 weeks of pregnancy began to feel pains of childbirth.

The problem is that not carrying a baby, but five, they were born very premature and whose survival is in doubt. Why we speak today of the importance of pregnancy control over footwear featured at

The couple had already lost a baby

It happened in India, at the hospital of Ambikapur, Chhattisgarh. The hours of the morning was born the first and his four sisters were born in just half an hour, in which physicians ensure that it is the first natural childbirth who see that five babies are born.

Two years ago Manita Singh and her husband had a baby who died a few days after birth. With this precedent, the ideal is that this second pregnancy was much more controlled, but health care there is not like we have in the countries of the first world, and even came to do an ultrasound.

Why was to stop thinking that a baby carrying and hence the surprise and the news: I was going to give birth to a baby and is now with five premature girls.

Struggling to survive it

As you can see in the photo, some are larger and smaller ones, and doctors expect to get all to survive, although they may not make it. Parents, obviously feel very grateful with what fate had them booked and wish that the five can grow up healthy and happy.

The importance of making pregnancy controls

We don’t say that all pregnancies require control. There are pregnancies that occur as so normal that or do not, ultrasounds and other tests may be deemed totally unnecessary. However, there are others where problems arise, or who are at risk for being a multiple pregnancy. In these cases It is important to make appropriate controls, diagnose problems and make possible solutions, always in order for everything to go as well as possible available for mother.

What would have happened with this pregnancy having taken control? Had known from the beginning that there was not one but several babies and would have tried to further postpone the birth, so that they would not be so premature. In addition, once born, you need to provide special attention to girls it would have arranged. It is not the same having a new premature baby in a hospital that increase in five small preterm infants to treat.

We hope that, as they say parents and doctors, go all out and in the end it all in a nice anecdote that can tell when they are older, who arrived by surprise.