The Home Key to Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

The new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have certainly won favor with audiences and critics thanks to their impeccable build quality that makes them, especially regarding the Edge version, particularly sought after objects and attractively designed.

Unfortunately it seems that Samsung has poured as much care in all areas of the two smartphones, since they begin to reach the first complaints about the ease with which you can scratch the home key— the one that houses the fingerprint sensor. The pictures posted below are from Galaxy S7 and a colleague of S7 Edge Phonearena, which has unfortunately found excessive scratches on the home button even in the face of a use always attentive and careful.

This is not hard to believe, since the images show how the two terminals do not show any other signs of wear and it seems that the same situation also has been identified by other users on the network. In short, it seems that the material used to protect the sensor impronte, perhaps with the aim of making it more sensitive, might not be able to withstand long, showing considerable signs of wear, and annoying after a while.

Some of our readers had the same bad luck? Let us know your opinions, maybe even enclosing a picture in the comments.

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