The Google Cloud Print Beta

Printing in the Cloud
As early as last April, we presented Google Cloud Print-in a nutshell, with the little information available at that time. Now the first questions are answered and the product goes live-of course stilecht and in best Google tradition as a beta version. A first impression of the new printing service left behind Google’s Chrome-Notebook late last year. Meanwhile, the broad masses can also picture, because the usage is not restricted to Chrome OS. But first a brief summary.
What is Google Cloud Print at all?
With Google Cloud Print my own printer is brought from the desk to the Internet and I can use it from afar or even at home from the sofa. Say all printers on a PC are made available to the cloud and can be controlled via the web. So I can print over the smartphone or apps on any computer, without my printer with these devices directly connected or that I would need a special software or drivers.

How is this supposed to work and how do I print?
Currently, Google Cloud Print works only under Windows (XP, Vista or 7), later other operating systems such as Mac OS X will follow. A current version of the Chrome browser is also required. The Cloud Print feature is activated in the Options menu. All you need is a Google account and currently can only be printed via this. Further information about the facility can be found on a Google information page .

You can print from Ctrl + P (Chrome OS) or from a context menu. Other Google Apps also allow you to print with a mouse click or finger tip. If the computer is offline, the print job is saved and printed at the next online session.

What apps can I use Google Cloud Print at the moment?
Google will bring the new functionality to many Google products in the near future. Google is beginning with the mobile apps – more about this below. And you can get more from

What about data security?
Google Cloud Print takes up a secure http s back connection. No one can “see” what I print, ie my data is safe.

In practice
After hopefully the first questions about Google Cloud Print are clarified, let’s look at which apps are the first to be supported. These include Google Docs Mobile and Gmail Mobile on Android 2.1, iOS 3.X or later, and other Google5-enabled mobile devices. First, US-American users are released for the service, the rest of the world will follow in the foreseeable future.
Gmail Mobile and Docs Mobile are given an additional entry “Print” in the drop-down menu at the top right corner, which allows you to select the printer that is at home (or office) and connected to the computer. And finished is the expression! This also works for e-mail attachments such as .pdf or .doc.

Even with this step, Google is moving more and more to a browser-based OS: the user no longer needs to be a tablet or notebook with minimal computing power. The data, applications and functionality are available on the Internet. The better and more powerful this OS is, the more people will be ready to move on to the next computer purchase.