The First Impression of Apple Iphone 4

Is the change worthwhile?
One ahead-I am (still) not a happy owner of an iPhone 4 . But I have had the opportunity today to put the finger on the new iPhone, away from every T-point and other shop.Therefore, at this point, there are my first personal impressions and an assessment of whether or not I would like to change to the new model soon. What is striking at first is the rich feeling that the good workmanship and the high-quality materials left, hardly the iPhone in the left or right hand takes. With the old iPhone 3GS the processing is certainly very satisfying, but the new iPhone 4 proves that an increase is still possible. The plastic of the 3GS now seemed a little shoddy compared to the current product line of the Macs and the iPad from Apple. Glass and stainless steel determine the shape and finally the high-quality feeling in the hand-here Apple has done clean work. At this point: quite clear change of will to the new iPhone 4.
In the new “Retina display” on the same area four times more pixels, so much that you really should not actually recognize a single pixel. The screen is lighter and better than the old display of the iPhone 3GS, the pictures thus appear more powerful and cleaner on the fourth iPhone. It is also a reason why surfing is more enjoyable, as the font on websites appears sharper and can be read more easily. Is it still possible to continue working with the old display after seeing the new screen with all its advantages? Yes, in any case, here it has a small moment hurt again to look at a display with low resolution, but hey, so bad is the previous display of the iPhone is not really. I am sure that my opinion will change over time, but for the moment, the Retina display is not the real reason for me. There must be even more nifty apps, which fully exploit the possibilities of the screen.

Also at Golem you could take the new iPhone 4 closer under the magnifying glass.

The new processor in the iPhone (the A4, which also works in the iPad) and the new iOS 4 are crisp fast: surfing, apps, camera – here is simply the speed and even the iPad can in my opinion cut a slice. But since my 3GS already runs with the somewhat faster iOS 4.0, the desire to change is not so strongly pronounced. Again, I probably need apps that require the processor even more and play the speed advantage completely. To this extent, this point will go with the time to the new iPhone 4.

The new 5 megapixel camera triggers faster and offers better pictures-yes. However, in my opinion is no larger quantum leap to be seen, which was still between the iPhone 3G and 3GS, although frankly the former camera of the iPhone still plenty of room for improvement (see picture series). The video function I have unfortunately forgotten to try, here is with a resolution of 720p real good video material to expect. After all, the iPhone 4 takes a proper step forward, so that the camera of the smartphone briefly over long the small digiknipse can be replaced. Here I would switch to the new iPhone. And you can get more from embudoexpress.

In the popular is already spoken of problems with the Retina display and the reception performance of the iPhone 4. In particular, some of the proud owners of the iPhone 4 should be spotted , but I could not observe this in my case. Also the described misconduct(iPhone in the left hand hold=receipt away) I could not really notice (in the meantime, there is already an official pronouncement of Apple , which describes this problem as “normal state”). However, at the time of the assessment I had not really known that this problem exists and therefore did not really pay attention. However, I would certainly have noticed a “no net” already.

There were four points in my first impression overall to forgive. Both the old iPhone 3GS and the new iPhone 4 have each got two of the counters awarded by me. Anzumerken, however, is that the two points for the 3G only temporarily assigned by me personally. These will surely move to the iPhone 4 in time. So I remain first at the 3GS, knowing that a change to the new model, with me in not too far away.