The Definitive Guide to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Samsung is one of the leading brands in the sector of the tablets. This year it has launched the renovation of its range with the Tab 4. An affordable model with good specifications but when it comes to compete for the post of the best it was not sufficient that offered. How do it better?

Offering the best of the best and releasing a Tablet capable of competing with other titans such as Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet or iPad Air. His name is Samsung Galaxy Tab S defined on and comes to become a reference model for whoever seeks to consumption and work tools. Today we tell you all about it.

Power and a screen that goes beyond Full HD

To strive to be the best tablet , it is necessary to offer the best of the moment. Processor, screen, a spectacular design… Samsung started to work with the S Tab for putting at the height of their top Smartphone range as the Samsung Galaxy S5.

We started with your processor, an eight-core chip with one of the most advanced graphics GPUs that allows us to enjoy a unique experience both watching videos as playing with snow demanding game. Its 3GB of RAM are support for never missing us applications in the background.

Its design adopts many elements of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Most elegant finishes, only 6.6 millimeters thick in the 10.1-inch model and the same finish on the back. An excellent job on the outside, which is crowned with its AMOLED screen that goes beyond the Full HD.

As many already know, a Full HD resolution is 1920 × 1080 pixels. If they appear to you shortly, the Koreans bring us 2560 × 1600 pixels in 8 u 10.1 inch screen. Thus may be a cold but once we have the tablet ahead of our feeling is spectacular.

Observe images with a wealth of details is a real enjoyed. The tablet includes a few images, so from the first moment we see it on our own. In addition, implementation of the Prado Museum allows us to enjoy some of the best works on our screen and getting lost in the immensity of its details.

Its battery of 7,900 mAh, in the case of the ten inch model, guarantees us that we won’t run out of battery at the changes first. We will be using it for several hours without worrying. According to Samsung, a total of eight hours. A figure that helps orient us to know what we can expect.

We are not the only ones who say that the tablet is fantastic. Here you can see some shots of contact from those who have already had the Samsung Galaxy Tab S in your hands:

A lot of tricks up his sleeve for Samsung Galaxy Tab S

The tablets from Samsung always come with many secrets inside. Whether you are thinking to buy one as if you got it, we want to tell you the main so you master your Galaxy Tab S from the first day. We are going with them with the news on

Set of free applications

When you turn on and set up your account on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S, take a look at the content that is already installed. There are a lot of payment services that Samsung offers us free: subscriptions to newspapers, premium such as Dropbox and Evernote services…

Before installing things it is worth a look. In addition, we have something called “Samsung Gifts” within this application will find access to other applications that Samsung gives us. They are not installed and you just have to download them to use. The total of all these services is more than 1,300 euros. Take advantage of it.

Protect your tablet with fingerprint sensor

Like the Samsung Galaxy S5, Tab S comes with a fingerprint sensor that allows us to register our finger. This is done whenever we want to unlock or lock the device only need to put your finger on the bottom of the screen, where the Start button.

We will find your settings in ‘Settings’, ‘Security’ menu. The tablet will guide us step by step in a very intuitive way to register our footprints. Perfect no one that we don’t want to use it. If we have small children and want to play with it, comes an inclusive way that blocks them access to some parts of the device.

Two windows in one

The Tab’s screen is spectacular for size and resolution. And if we could take advantage of it to use two applications at the same time? So yes, we can do it. You only have to drag the edge of an application or open another to have both at the same time.

The tablet will let us know with a tab so that we will see when we can have two applications open at the same time. If it is possible to do so, we can even pass information from one application to another just by dragging your finger from one point to another screen.

Your S5 Galaxy on the tablet screen

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S5? Then you’re in luck. When you’re with the tablet you can leave your mobile phone on the table and forget it. Why? Thanks to SideSync we have the screen of your mobile phone on the screen of the tablet and use it without having the phone in your hands.

Very useful when we are enjoying the tablet and us, for example, a message arrives by WhatsApp. It is a very useful tool but that, for now, only we can get out if we have the flagship of Samsung.

Connect to your computer from the tablet

If you need to work at distances, with Remote PC software you can connect to your personal computer, or in the office, to make efforts of all kinds. With the Galaxy S Tab you can do everything and handle applications without any problem and difficulty.

It is something intended for the world professional but sure we will use it more than once when we vacation or weekend and have to do some last-minute task. How about the Samsung Galaxy Tab S? If you have any questions, I hope in the comments.