The Combination of Tights, Wool Dresses and Boots

Pants leggings were inspired by the models of sports trousers. They were normally used in the academies for the practice of sports activities, but soon took to the streets, with various combinations of clothes.

In this winter season they are back, along with the dresses. Can be used with miniskirts, dresses, since your fulfilment is in height or above the knee, with tunics and boots. The secret is knowing combine.

To get them to match, we recommend that you use the vinyl Legging. The vinyl leggings can be combined perfectly with a wool mini dress and some boots according to vintageinconfidential.

With this we will have a younger and attractive style, you will feel super trendy. But if you think vinyl too bold, you can try the leggings of cotton, but be careful to match the colors. For example: a white wool dress is very heavy with a black cotton legging and boots. Or a wool dress in shades of gray with cotton legging on one or two shades lighter than the dress.

For women who have those unwanted flab, it is advisable to avoid the use of one piece on top of the other, make the option for a 62 jacket.