The Browser Opera Normal Because You Can Block Advertising

It is not the first time nor much less to operate plays with the idea of the advertising block. This function is a classic of the desktop version and Android is already included in the miniature version of the Opera Mini browser for a month.

Now the lock comes the official browser in Android version, although it has small print: blocking is integrated within data saving function, that you must enable. If you do not enable the saving of data, you can not block advertising. It makes sense, and is said that advertising can consume up to 79% of your data, but we would have liked to be able to activate it independently.

Another thing to consider in this block of advertising is that it is indiscriminate and does not include any function to enable or disable it selectively on some pages. Or activated for all, or for none. That Yes, at least It is not too complicated to manually disable it -together with the saving of data – by touching the icon of Opera.

Browser Operavaria depending on the device

  • Developer: Opera
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Communication