The Boyfriend Jeans

Without infringement I’m a garconnnnnnnn… The Boyfriend cut is coming! All shelters. Or not.

Katie Holmes left in instigator. Centre jean 501 Boyfriend cut. Right look Sandro PE2009.

Summer 2008: Katie Holmes is in New York, away from her husband Tom tom friend of the tans, and the tabloids, who never takes a vacation, are on his trail. Will she drop Suri from the balcony? Will see it we arm of a Greek shipowner, tipsy and without panties out of the “Sexus Olympus Night Club”? Or worse, she will be going to a Catholic mass in secret?

We hope, and then as nothing happens, we imagine, we invent and we dissected the only thing we really have: its look. The young actress-in the home is so photographed not one, not two, but hundreds of times in what resembles a sort of bag to potato for legs. It’s ugly, it’s informed and even the sweltering heat of NY in the summer can barely explain this crazy move.

While the fashion world only sees life in slim and flare, Katie succumbs to a strange snub baggy. The world is in shock (you wonder…) but soon eventually copy it. Sheep? Where it?

So if yes, you can still wear a slim (especially if it’s fine) and if so the flare (Cup 70’s) John is always the part, this season ‘boyfriend’ Cup wins with panache and told him welcome. Either it does not suit the better world girls too small or very thin but still: a relaxed cut, comfortable and which conceals small complexes that’s rather good news. We can adopt it easily by purchasing cheaply a model from Zara, Bershka, La Redoute or H & M, or by recycling even a real jeans of hisboy friend-which in my case is impossible, Doudou doing the same weight as me… when I was 12 years old. (Katie-Linda, same problem).

Lite bourgeois: John turned up, with real beautiful varnished pumps or padded ballerinas, a t-shirt on ground (text or small pencil naïve drawing), chic jewellery (pearls, necklaces, camellias) and a round neck tweed short jacket.

Geek plugged: jean denim a little worn, with the Spartans or the tennis flat canvas type Keds, a loose tank top or wide beams-sleeved t-shirt, a big old school watch and a pair of (false) eyeglasses to very large mount.

Rock unmoulded: faded jeans rolled up with a white flat Brogues, coordinated College, t-shirt holed pocketing a little at the waist, an old type chech or Keffiyeh scarf, a studded belt and a felt hat. Or proof that you can have a rock look without compress the boulard in tight jeans like a condom…

Night drinking: Sandals gladiators, the boyfriend being a room especially jean little sexy upstairs we dare more with for example a bustier top and a big necklace platron, sexy and very dressed up.

You and the “boyfriend” jeans you think? Attempted or not? Relax or not class Cup boy pants?