The Big Knit

Here’s an intended topic for some time, and who, given the drop in temperatures, falls conveniently. But I won’t talk of the rain and the weather: this is fashion that it is!

At the end of the 2000s, fashion is the mix of materials. Thus, in recent seasons, it is a good idea to mix precious textures (satin, chiffon, lace) and rustic materials (skin, wool, raw flax). To push still further this purpose “mix & match”, the creators more often offer huge mesh knitted items. A bit like a grandmother, instead of needles to knit fashion stole the drumsticks of his small son who plays in a band of Metal… um, but I digress.

Hat, scarf and mittens… Easy to wear, accessories large mesh now blend with all styles and all outfits. When large pieces, like a dress, a sweater or a cardigan, they transform a basic silhouette in fashion magazine.

In 3 steps, the big stitch for all:

(1) If you’re not used to the thick material, you can start with a very big scarf.
It’s everywhere, and it’s very easy to associate.

(2) If you already love big wool, and you already have the bonnet scarf, I suggest you invest in another must-see: the big short sleeve sweater you wear in overlay with a sweater turtleneck and jeans.

(3) If you already all this and that the point foam, the point of rice and the twists have no secrets for you, you can invest in the piece of mesh must-have of the season: the large Cardigan soft to wear open on a short dress or a slim or well belted with a turned-up trousers.