The Best Toys

In September the magazine grow released in your site the 75 best toys of the year. The toys were separated by age group and all can be found at the site. On the website of the magazine can still view a video, very nice how the choice was made and how it works the whole process until you get to that list of 75 best toys.

Here in the post, I will select some of these 75 toys, separating age also and I will put the average market price of each of them.Remember that children’s day is coming, this list helps a lot in choosing the present. I chose 5 toys by age group.

1 Year Range Et Laughed So Hard

-Ball Oball with minichocalho
Grab, throw and bite. That’s what the baby will do with the ball.Non-toxic plastic and flexible molded, it is full of holes, made especially for little hands can grab it. Compartments with colored balls produce a fun sound when the toy is agitated. Available in the colours orange, pink, blue and green, has 10 cm diameter. R $33.95, Bright Starts/High Trade.
That ball comes along, I met at school of psychomotricity my daughter did when he was very young and she loved it. After a little older I thought to buy and she’s played for a long time. When my son was born, he also loved. It is very easy the child pick up and play.

-Little Book Where I Live
With this book of soft tissue, your son and you invent new stories – and he’d love to find out the possibilities for each page. There are Horn, mirror and even teether. The colors will also attract his attention. Measures 16.5 cm in length. R $60, the Tiny Love.

-Fun Ball
Made of soft fabric and colored, besides having two bells on the ends, the toy is a visual and audible stimulation to the child. And, as every ball, it’s good also to give that little nudge on time to crawl. By having a piece of hard plastic, is indicated for people over 6 months. R $73, the Girotondo according to HISTORYAAH.

-Truck Pushes Pula
To push the truck, the pellets that are inside of a transparent enclosure shake and go out the back opening of the toy. Babies will love crawling to pick them up. There are three buttons on the front side emitting lights, colors and some phrases in English. Has 30 cm long, 20 cm high, 17 cm wide. Comes with two AA batteries. R $169, Bright Starts/High Trade.

-Croco Block
While fun, this toy will let the child’s room more colorful. It is composed by the head, four blocks and the tail. When you glue the pieces with velcro, they form an alligator cuddly and harmless to 1, 18 m long. Each party comes with a different activity: rattle of fishes, treme-treme, ball and even a mirror. R $236.87, K’s Kids.

Age Range Of 1 To 2 Years

-Zoo Baby
How about building a macafante? Or play with a papagaiafa? The overlap and combine parts, the child can build the animal you want and play to give different names for them. The toy consists of 19 non-toxic plastic pieces (10 cm tall) that form six known animal-giraffe, Lion, monkey, elephant, bear and kite-and many others invented. Just drop the creativity! It’s a good way to stimulate hand-eye coordination and the perception of colors. R $59.99, Big Star, for sale in Ri Happy. This toy my kids have and love, plus very cool he has a great price.

-Chicken Ball pool Pintadinha
What kid doesn’t love a ball pit? This one is small and portable and it’s going to be the life of the House. Comes with 100 colored balls, but you can buy more separately. In addition to getting in and out, get and keep the balls, your child will bring other toys inside and get a new joke. Cleaning of the pool deserves special attention: wash the toy every 15 days and let the balls to soak in soapy water. To prevent fungi, only the return to space when they are dry. 30 cm high and has a diameter of 80 cm. R $109.99, Leader of the Toys. This thing I must comment, my kids had, at the time of the Backyardigans and was to fight to get out of it makes a lot of success!

-Funny Pluto
If your son lives asking for a pet, this toy can help kill the desire. Pluto late, give paw, raises and sit, come and shake the tail when you win affection. Some doubt that he will be the new best friend of your son? Comes with three AA batteries. R $139.90, Multikids.

-Fantasy Island
Your son decide in which of the three clues the colored balls with guys of animals (Monkey, zebra and elephant) will slip. EMA, the ball slides into the pond of Hippo. When the child presses a button, the balls move faster at the sound of a fun tune. Uses two AA batteries and measures 41 long, 17.6 cm wide and 35.6 cm tall. Hits the market in November. R $189.90, Chicco.

-Speaker Steering Wheel
Guide that can help your child at wheel development of speech and motor skills. In addition to the functions of a car, as the start-up and the arrow, the toy teaches-in English and Portuguese-counting to ten and talking about words, phrases and names of places that are part of the daily life of the family, such as supermarket, Park and school. Uses two AA batteries. R $219.90, Chicco.

Age 2 To 3 Years

-Wooden Box Wears Well
Ten fabrics with polka dots, stripes, flat and different colorations. The fun here is to combine prints and colors in time to put on the doll which is in wooden box. The character comes with four heads that have different expressions. R $40, Carimbrás. This toy is very cool and a great gift option.

-Monkey Sapeta
Success in June festivals, play to shoot hoops was reissued and can now be played indoors for the whole family. Saucy monkey comes with rings that must be embedded in your long tail. The only problem is that he roll without stopping and the level of difficulty increases.The first to hit all the rings take the banana out of the mouth of the animal and is awarded a sensational dance. Has 37 cm high and 19 cm wide. Uses two AA batteries. R $139.99, Hasbro.

-Ambulance Charge Drive
AMBULANCE DRIVEEssa ambulance & CHARGE is always ready to help in the most difficult missions-notice how the eyes on the windscreen are friendly. Comes with remote control, in addition to the cockpit, has the function to load the cart. While riding, he does sound of siren, Horn and engine. Driving, in fact, the child can enhance your sense of space. R $149, Chicco.

– Baby Star
Call your child’s friends to start the show. With this keyboard, everyone will want to play a musical instrument. It comes with a removable guitar with rattle, microphone that actually works, and Horn button with automatic music. Requires three AAA batteries and measures 53 cm wide and 35.5 cm high. R $229.90, of Dican.

-Track Deluxe Interactive
With the CAP, is a table of activities. Without it, the toy turns into a dance floor full of curves-and have stickers that mimic train tracks, rocks and grass. Comes with a wooden train set, but certainly your son will put other carts to run. Measuring 1.20 m wide, 41 cm tall and weighs 11.3 kg. R $995.90, Step 2. This track has a lot on his party and makes a lot of success with girls and boys.

Age Group Of 3 To 6 Years

-Set Play-Doh ice cream Palace
You know that ice cream cone huge and colorful filling your eyes?That’s exactly what this toy makes! You can mix two colors of clay and add frosting and sprinkles, produced on time while turning the crank. Includes 5 plastic cones for Cone, two bowls, two spoons and five jars of clay Play-Doh. Don’t try! R $119.99, Hasbro. My daughter asked this of children’s day.

-Superman Doll 25 cm
Straight from the cinema to your House: the superhero will play on your front several phrases from the movie the man of steel, in English. Just press the symbol in your armor. A button on the back enables punches, accompanying noises of battles. When lifting your arms in flight position, the dummy emits sounds. R $149.99, from Mattel to BMart Toys. Absolute success, my son has almost all superheroes.

-Table and stove Kit Utilities
It has never been so fun to fry an egg. In the kitchen, all made of wood and with great finishing, has stove, pressure cooker, cutlery and a fried egg. Painted with neutral colors, can make successful also among boys, who love to be masters-cucas. R $150, R $52.40 table stove, the accessories, the GR toys for Mint.

-Storm at sea
Here the challenge is to train the balance. To start, throw the dice and find out a number and a color, and then it’s just trying to get on the boat the right part, in the corresponding amount. To the extent that the deck, suspended by a rope will only filling, it becomes more difficult to balance everything. The first to knock down the pieces, loses the game. R $199, Hape/Train educational games.

You know that game that the evil Queen from Alice in Wonderland played with flamingos disobedient? The macakróquet is a new version of the joke, for up to four players. The monkeys form a circuit where the ball needs to go. Who complete the course wins more points. A great tip for when your child’s friends will play in your home. Contains 29 pieces and measures 52 cm wide by 63 cm tall. R $285, the Carlu Toys.

Age Group Over 6 Years

-Launches 3 Arc X Ironman Disks
The equipment of one of the most revered heroes from Marvel, iron man, will inspire children to live several adventures. This is a disk Launcher to be docked in the arm. When pressed with the hand, the lever throws pieces of styrofoam. The toy imitates the sound of power equipment used by Tony Stark. R $129.99, Hasbro, for sale on BMart Toys.

-Mask Sullivan
He looks scary, but, deep down, is one of the sweetest creatures of fiction. We’re talking about Sulley, monsters, Inc. and University of Monsters. The grace of this mask is that it moves the eyebrow and mouth as the child speaks. The eyes and the nose are drilled to provide more comfort and a velcro closure on the back lets you fit in any head. R $149.99, Sunny Toys.

-Monster Car
The car can be controlled by remote control with seven different functions and is ideal for the girls carry the dolls of Monster High collection. In black and pink, the details are filling their eyes.The battery is rechargeable for fun last longer and the control of skull is a charm. Attached bivolt charger. R $229.90, Candide.

The main feature of the new generation of Furby creature, success in the year 2000, is a combination of interactive programming with Robotics engineering, which makes the toy capable of developing its own personality. If your son take good care, he is gentle. If it is thrown from one side to the other, can be rude and drop screams, burps and even puns. In addition, he speaks your native language, furbysh, but you learn Portuguese as the family is talking to him.And the coolest thing is that if your son’s friend also has one, the two toys can communicate! You can download an application on mobile to enlarge the possibilities of interaction. R $399.99, Hasbro.Success even with children of 5 years.

-Strong Wild West-Playmobil
Has Indian shooting arrow or hiding in rock, soldier firing the cannon and horses doing the rounds. This Fort is equipped with towers and pieces of driftwood to defend the territory of the attacker. You and your child will discover spaces and hidden exits.Just drop the imagination and invent new stories. You can play alone or call friends. R $699.99, Sunny Toys.