The Best and Cheapest Bluetooth Headphones

A good alternative to this first model if you don’t like the design of the Voyager is the Sennheiser Presence Basic. You will pay a little less but also outperforms the Plantronics though for what have been tested among these headphone handsfree bluetooth is that they are fairly evenly matched, this way we recommend to buy it you like design, since quality and price seem fairly.

Best price found: €110

So you put a mica in situation, say that the Voyager Edge has tied with the Sennheiser on the test we did in the noisy Cafe. Although returning to try the Plantronics stood out a little more, but subtly. One of the areas in which the Sennheiser Presence stood out is the best battery life since was the model of bluetooth headset handsfree with better autonomy we tested of all models (listed at the end).

On the other hand far that you could be with the Presence was reduced, even as well with music and A2DP also liked the distance (approximately from 20 to 40 metres respectively). We emphasize again that the spotlight on some bluetooth handsfree factor is the audio. The try was well and without bugs especially in an office where we find that it was an environment in which sounded more clean and clear.

However with regard to the fit and comfort we cannot say that this Plantronics stand out among the other headphone handsfree. A colleague did not stop falling and there was no way that could be it, but again there is no two same ears and although it approved the test cost a little. If you like it so much we recommend the offer that we have bound in which there is a good policy of return without cost to you.

The cheapest (and good). Plantronics Explorer 500 (€50)

Finally, as late-model we recommend for those who want to buy a headset bluetooth cheap it is Explorer 500 manufacturer Plantronics. It is a perfect choice for those who don’t want to spend much, have a budget or want to try this the hands-free. In fact although the Explorer 500 is economical he excelled in tests of audio output.

Best price found: €44

It is smaller than the Voyager Edge but your battery lasts longer. Also has a great range for what you can separate yourself enough meters with the interference-free. Although important details are what they have regarded as usual is the clear sounding voices on the other side of the phone.

He rang the sea good, indeed even had desire to take calls with this device. However in an office or noisy cafeteria so we didn’t since he took more noise than other models of bluetooth hands-free. Still in the car it sounded very well. Not perfect but did not have any complaints.

For who is a Bluetooth hands-free?

For anyone who do not like talking on phones with the hand all hand on the ear. While it is true that if you don’t use much mobile already will go you well the in-ear headphones that you came with it. However if you give a use constant to your Smartphone then it is almost indispensable for the convenience that it carries.

A good headset bluetooth hands-free is a perfect accessory if talking on the phone frequently. Hands-free is a relief. In addition is important if you need to make your voice sounds clear to the other person, without much wind and noise. You are well with the other party (perfect for business calls) and there are no misunderstandings.

Finally although this is likely to have not thought it they are better health for those who call much. Hand constantly in his ear is a matador of shoulders and eventually back.