The Best 20 Car Speakers

The speaker decides whether sound or not sound. autohifi tests eight brand new systems and presents the classics of all price ranges.

Who is the last link in the chain of hi-fi speakers. No matter the quality of the equipment is how high up here – when the wrong speakers in the game, that can negate each yet so sophisticated system concept. Our tests have repeatedly shown that a high-quality speaker must not necessarily cost a fortune. That you get a better sound transducer for more money, our test results show but of course also – folder for folder.

So that everyone can find the matching purse speakers, we have divided this speaker special in five categories – by cheap Beginner speakers the middle class to incredibly good and incredibly expensive high-end systems. Here, we have limited ourselves on 16-cm systems because this measure still fits in most cars.

As there are stars in every price range, we introduce you to two new tested 16ern per category also per two already tested speaker. It’s up to real classics, which are for years on the market, but still today the same enthusiasm as on the day of its presentation of models that have done particularly well recently.

Only when the high end speakers, we have made ourselves without newly tested devices on a journey through the world of high end, because new publications are scarce in these spheres. In selecting the high-end classic went us’s purely to the sound – who wants to do it on the tip so sonically, finds the most suitable play partner here.