The Assembly Act Biker Rc Madrid 2016 Season

Well, after held annual meeting to plan the Madrid 2016 MotosRC Championship, you report the contents of the same. First of all, I want to sincerely thank our colleague Beto, who has been kind enough to give us their premises to not go cold in a neutral place, given that the bikers of Madrid are a group of friends without linking them to clubs, associations or shops or anything like that. We are free as the wind, although some are members of clubs or have other hobbies. Our only interests are motorbikes and motorcycle racing.
We were 9 pilots present and represented, in total 11 20 votes. This is the more participation we have had in recent years, so that the decisions we have taken, are better or worse, have a high degree of representation, which is what I wanted to organize this meeting.
Even so I would have liked the presence of AECAR delegate of Madrid, because it represents a part of this hobby in Madrid and the points in common far outweigh any differences that may exist, if it exists.

Step to review the issues of the day:
1.temporada 2015
1.1 re-election current delegate or if you want to change the appointment of a new one
Participants claim to be happy with my work and do not present candidates, so I am grateful my position and is accepted unanimously.
1.2 Overview 1/5 and 1/8 season
For this year we plan a short term with a view to the WarmUp of the World / Championship of Spain and held worldwide in the Autet (Almussafes) with some modifications in the regulation to resemble these competitions.
With 25 different drivers on the two scales, we can say that it has been a successful participation. We have incorporated new pilots and maintain the good atmosphere of companionship and help each other, sharing tricks and skills.
There has also been a notable improvement in the material of the pilots, both chassis and wheels and of course a spectacular advance in the level of piloting, as it has been seen in the Championship of Spain and the world.
In the Championship of Spain, Madrid contributed 5 pilots in the Superbike category with 3 rd, 5 th, 6 th, 7 th, and 8th positions.
Globally, our local Monster Ebo, he managed a creditable 2nd place in category Stock, behind the catalan Mario Lopez, showing the level of Madrid and in general of Spain in the small but passionate world of RC motorcycles.
As negative points to avoid in the future are mentioned three situations:
A career that we made sharing day touring with gas, we had the bad experience that in the absence of two minutes to finish the sleeves cars plucked engines under the podium, generating so much noise that it prevented that the pilot study we could concentrate even to hear public address of end of career directions. I have nothing against touring gas, rather on the contrary, as I started with this discipline for years and understand the operation of races, but normally the schedules of races are so tight that to save minutes here and there, are given in situations such as the one mentioned. Having said that with all due respect for coworkers touring gas, because it is simply a matter of noise that has nothing to do with people.
Another race was given the fact that the mod. race missed a podium position while losing contact with the evolution of the race and to some pilots who rallied late to pick up on any manga not be imposed any sanctions.
In another race, with rain also are given the circumstances that I could not attend and not appointed delegate of pilots, the Director. career, he directed another category that shared day but did not steer the bikes claiming ignorance and that caused a tremendous mess.
Therefore, efforts are made to avoid the possible share day with gasoline categories, you will be asked at the meeting of pilots prior to the race that the mod. limit commits the most during the mangas and apply the rules, say in a “medium” grade. With regard to the latter situation, it is unacceptable and in those conditions the best thing is to suspend it if the Club can not provide the sufficient human resources.
To conclude this point, explained as this year the national delegate of motorcycle AECAR asked me to resign my office of Madrid delegate of AECAR I’ve had for three years, for not having taken license AECAR 2015 and that he would appoint someone else. Met this requirement, by 2016 there will be, besides the RC motorcycle Championship of Madrid other initiatives under regulations AECAR.
1.3 delivery of trophies
Will be handed out trophies to top ten classified of each scale (1/8 there will be for the existing 11)