The Age of The Male Not Influencing a Pregnancy by Assisted Reproduction

A study by the Instituto Valenciano de infertility (IVI) shows that although age worsening the quality of sperm in men, not difficult pregnancy through assisted reproduction. The only limitation is done in males who have passed the 70 years of age, although it is also true that they are very few men who want to be parents after having passed these years.

This study, the second in the world that shows the impact of the age of male pregnancy, help men to reduce their anxiety to think that they may not be parents when they reach certain ages, men 20 or 65 years show the same pregnancy rate being practically identical results using assisted reproduction.
The study shows the analysis of 4,900 cases corresponding to insemination, in-vitro fertilization or egg donations, the only requirement of the study was the woman’s age, it was under the age of 38, the men on the other hand could vary. This study is much more significant than the first which took place, since in 1995, they did not have as many cases as it is today.

New data have been presented at the Congress in Lyon by the European society of human reproduction and embryology. However, emphasis is on search conception always at much younger ages, allowing a better development of the pregnancy and a distance temporary minor on maternity sleepwear.

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