The 4 Problems with Fishing Equipment

Every activity has its secrets and its techniques. The professional must know to handle your equipment well and identify common problems in them, as well as learn to avoid them. So there is good fishing compete many factors, being that most of them can be controlled by the fisherman.

The correct use of the fishing equipment contributes enough to prevent disorders. Check out the main problems with equipment that disturb the fishing!

The famous wigs

Wig , or back lash, is the jumble of line that forms the spool of the reel. To resolve this problem common with fishing equipment, often the angler loses the entire line, cutting it. The wigs usually happen due to botched brake adjustment or lack of lubrication. The modern reels have anticabeleira brake system (magnetic or centrifugal weights) and mechanical brake system. It is important to regulate the two systems as wind conditions, the very ability of the fisherman, the action of the stick (slow, moderate, rapid) and the weight of the bait. To do this:

  • The position and amount of dowels locked must be symmetrical;
  • Tighten the mechanical brake, so that the reel does not get too free to rotate;
  • Tighten the anticabeleira brake (if centrifugal, let all the loose sponges; if it is magnetic, push button adjustment maximum). Over time, you can show a tendency to decrease the degree of adjustment.

Broken fishing rod

This is one of the most common problems that occur with fishing equipment. There are several ways to break a Reed: inadequate transportation (always good to use a port tube Rod), in accidents or oversights at home and in his own boat, the fish and, mainly, by improper handling. The rod must be Flex, equally, that is, distribute the force proportionally throughout the body according to Relationshipsplus.Com.

To prevent the rod wear too much it is important to use the friction Reel/Reel . Never lift the fish with the stick. Don’t touch the tip of the rod into the bait when you’re screwed. Avoid swinging the stick when the line is taut. Do not use too much strength to reel the fish in. Never drive the rod with the tip facing front.

Broken line: traditional problem with fishing equipment

The line can be broken by different causes, and, generally, if attaches to fish the most responsibility. For a line break affect much her condition in your weakest point and the intensity of the stress. In a row, the disruption will happen close to the nominal resistance (depending on the type of the node ).

The line can be torn by the use of too much force for the wear of time, by the use of an inappropriate thickness for the type of fish, for being of lower quality, by scraping in rough surfaces or get caught in something. Slacker friction prevents line breaks (although contributes to the wigs).

Problems with the reel

The reel is also one of the responsible for common problems with fishing equipment. It can present problems such as spare parts and lack of lubrication, which causes binding and impairs the functionality of the equipment. A reel oxidized won’t have good friction. For this, use grease for bearings (avoid petroleum jelly, which is an abrasive, and gray grease, which causes breaks and breaks in pieces) and only use in the teeth of gears in reasonable quantity, since in excess grease will just take up space and reduce the useful life of the equipment.

Avoid opening your reel to not cause off or malfunctions in parts – if you need repair, take it to the specialized professional.

Stay tuned to these issues with fishing equipment and ensure the success of your fishing trip! Has been hampered by problems in the equipment? Tell us your experience!