Tested: BlackBerry Torch

It sounds like a contradiction, but it’s not: with the new BlackBerry torch RIM remembers the touchscreen device back on its competence: the keyboard. We have tested the BlackBerry torch.

  1. Tested: BlackBerry torch
  2. Keyboard and keys
  3. What makes the new OS 6?
  4. The new browser & the camera
  5. Multimedia features
  6. Conclusion to the BlackBerry torch

BlackBerry torch

The success of Apple with its iPhone and Google with Android already has the desire some time ago for “cool” at research in motion (RIM) – talk aroused mass-grade – touch screen devices. The result was the two pure touchscreen devices, storm and storm 2.

With both devices, RIM could meet but not up to the high expectations that are placed on a BlackBerry: the probably the best manner to enter texts/messages/messages on a mobile device. The two storm units were to use – to write but unfortunately unsuitable for much.

The BlackBerry torch combines both worlds: it has a capacitive touch screen display and is a full-featured BlackBerry keyboard yet. The keyboard is “hidden” as slid keyboard below the display. As horizontal slider with the keyboard below the narrow side of the display the feeling remains way, always, that one has to do with a “real” BlackBerry. A keyboard for emergencies and the touch screen for all other applications – so the short conclusion could be so, but in turn… With 161 grams, the torch is heavier than, for example, the BlackBerry bold 9000 (approx. 137 grams), or the BlackBerry bold 9700 (122 grams). Compared to the BlackBerry Curve 9300 (approx. 104 grams) is very clearly the difference in weight. The higher weight here but rather supports the value of the device that allows the Smartphone to a perceived brick. At the outdoor mass BlackBerry for the torch deviates from height through design difficulty in all other product lines with full keyboard of 109 mm and the width of 60 mm. The torch has grown slightly with a width of 62 mm and a height of 111 mm in the closed or 148 mm in the open State. He is Hemd – and Pocket-ready with this mass but still always!

Keyboard and keys

The usual for BlackBerry already for several generations buttons for call answering, the Application button, the optical trackpad, the so-called escape button and the end button located directly below the display. The latter leads always back to the home screen. Similarly, the Application button leading a double life as the home key on other Android phones. She double clicked, the Visual selection of the currently running applications – so to speak a mini Task Manager opens.

The assignable with each program convenience key, moreover the buttons for the volume control is located on the right side of the unit. Only the socket for the micro-USB connector is present on the left side of the device. Who has handled so far with a BlackBerry bold or curve, will be surprised a moment slightly uncomfortable by the buckle at the bottom of the device. “Normal” BlackBerrys have no buckles or cut-outs at the bottom of the device. Thus whatever unexpected slight leadership pressure by the Wölbung.Die but not long irritation is to the feel of the keys at the beginning. We have discussed about 10 minutes about the unusual design. In practice then the vault was forgotten however after less than 10 minutes.

The size of the keyboard is more or less quickly depending on the previous device “concepts”. Who writes on an “old” BlackBerry bold 9000, will need about one to two days, until he get used to the smaller keyboard and the correspondingly smaller buttons. Who would like to switch from the BlackBerry Curve on the torch, must not surprise set: the keyboard is of the usual BlackBerry Qualität.Auf of the upper side of the unit are the two keys for the keyboard lock or the mute button when incoming calls. These are both very easily, so that just the keypad at the “plop in the purse let” may again disabled the device. Since no bag or case is included with the BlackBerry torch, the rough treatment of the upper side of the unit can bring adversity with it.

What makes the new OS 6?

The new interface introduced with BlackBerry 6 is tailor-made for the BlackBerry torch. When you use the touch screen the RIM can be changed by wiping between five different home pages – called “Fields” -: all, Favorites, media access, download, and often. Within each field folders can be created as usual, where applications or bookmarks can be merged. It is especially beautiful in these fields but they can protrude depending on application situation more or less throughout the screen. Thus, 4, 8 or even 12 symbols or 4 or 8 symbols in the landscape are completely visible. The representation of protected now under the term “Red Star”, that there is new information within an application – so far mainly for unread mails or SMS – was released also for other programs. Thus, the red asterisk on the Facebook icon or, for example, when new XING messages – appears if it was implemented by the developers.

Unfortunately, RIM has missed the chance to provide commands if there multiple applications across these commands with identical positions. So is the delete command in the popup in the Inbox in the middle of the bottom row, to find in the SMS Inbox, however, on the left in the bottom row. It is always the full attention needed to not accidentally perform a fake command.

Universal search Along with the new operating system, also the new universal search has found its way on Board of the BlackBerry torch. Another page view of Apple and Google shows: here was brought up. The other smartphone operating systems already support the search in all applications at all locations.

The new browser

RIM had a look a that a further development of the browser for years reviled makes no sense. Therefore, a completely new browser is implemented in the BlackBerry torch. The know-how for this brought torch mobile in the House over a year ago through the acquisition of the company.

Thanks to the new browser, surfing on the BlackBerry torch is as much fun as on an iPhone or a current Android Smartphone. All those features that BlackBerry users in the past had to squint envious added this: zooming using the double “click”, using tabs, quick scrolling,… But most important, The browser is really fast. Over the times, since it feels like minutes took was portrayed to a Web site. Multiple tabs can be used as well on the computer.

Camera While it helps little most business customers (companies) everyday on the way to be a “better” camera in the Smartphone a good camera for home users is important. RIM of the camera in the BlackBerry torch has paid more attention than in the previous Modellen. Das, BlackBerry torch now has a digital camera with a resolution of 5 megapixels. An LED flash is built in as well, so in low light at least at close range, some light can brighten faces or scenes.

The so far quite minimalist photo programs have been expanded. So, the BlackBerry torch has now, including face detection, a sports program or a special program of the party. For business users, a practical programme has been implemented: Whitebodard. This improves the details and sharpness of text on a white background. Good for meeting photography… Who is good with his BlackBerry will be pleased beyond the new GEO tagging. This is the name of the city, if necessary. with adopted the code and the country in the name of the file. RIM promises this, the photos can be find faster.

The video function has also been revised. The torch takes videos with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels.

Multimedia features

Improved RIM has the multimedia features for the BlackBerry OS 6. Music, podcasts, videos, pictures – RIM is once there, where the consumer-oriented Smartphones have been longer. No matter whether Coverflow or leaves by wiping it with a finger or zoom with finger gestures – all is now available on the BlackBerry. Wireless sync has aroused special interest with us: the Wi-Fi Music Sync is enabled, new media files not via cable or Bluetooth connection are synchronized – instead this happens (depending on the setting) automatically as soon as the BlackBerry torch and the associated calculator with active BlackBerry Desktop 6 software located on a network. Manual synchronization transfers only the contents of the elements – they appear then Dim in the media player. The elements can be select for transfer. Is the BlackBerry within Wi-Fi of the computer with the desktop software, the files are immediately, otherwise they will be transferred next time. If you have a large memory card in the BlackBerry and use the automatic, this is the most simple type of synchronization of media content. This technique would be even Apple with its iPhones and iPods. A similar function is implemented in the Zune at Microsoft.

Conclusion to the BlackBerry torch

Admitted: as an iPhone or Android killer is hardly good for the BlackBerry torch. But that can and should also be the target of RIM. RIM and BlackBerry are available for smartphones, on which great texts enter themselves.

RIM with the BlackBerry torch has managed to bring the best of both worlds together. Operation via touch screen, text input with the keyboard. Is the keyboard is retracted, you have a liquid working touchscreen Smartphone on the torch. The turning of the screen will prompt to toggle the display. The keyboard folded out, the torch is always so in the portrait presentation. The zoom using multi-touch gestures is liquid by equip – part picture areas but must be recharged. Some a few things RIM should be incorporated directly into the next software updates or the successor model. In the context menu’s not opens up the user, when a command takes what position in the context menu. Press the keypad lock is to smooth and sliding up the screen when the device is switched on the touch screen is touched with amended somewhat difficult, since this usually needs to be and according to unintentionally perform actions. Three grooves would have helped much up on the outer sides of the unit.

The initial fear that the fillet below the keyboard could lead to problems is forgotten since the second day with the torch. Finger familiar also to the bold 9000 have quickly become accustomed to the smaller keyboard. Who takes the first time ever a BlackBerry in the hand with the torch will fail to understand eh fears.

After a few days of testing it now is difficult to move away from the BlackBerry torch and BlackBerry bold 9000 to return to. Tip: About the “inner values” of the BlackBerry torch the full connect test will inform soon.