Ten Tricks to Dress in Pregnancy

If you need more ideas for dressing while pregnant, takes note of these 10 simple tricks that will solve you life, and that will allow you to continue with the same style as always without spending a fortune on clothes maternity.


It lasts only a few months, and up to the 5th-6th month gut isn’t very big. Don’t go broke buying clothes that you will only use a small period of your life.
(2) looking for clothes in sections that are not

, (there are many items that you can serve non-properly for pregnant women: blouses, dresses with cut Empire, trousers with waist cincher rubber, etc. 3) need
comfortable underwear

. No one will deliver you buy maternity bras, rings and (good news) one size more than you usually use. Goodbye to the filling and Hello naturalness. They can also serve you Sports Bras.

stylized. This maxim of style becomes a commandment during pregnancy.
(5) up to a total look in black Ponte jackets or cardigans of color that frame the silhouette.
(6) use many
scarves and short necklaces

with that disguise the gut and at the same time add a touch of chic to your wardrobe.

they are a great item to take them open, since they visually cut the sides.
(8) choose knitwear, cotton, which are comfortable to wear and have some stretch so that they give a little.
(9) the cardigans, shirts and jackets you will continue using, that Yes, to open.
(10) as outerwear, you opt for coats, ponchos, or baggy coats.
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