Ten Good Reasons to Exercise in Pregnancy

Physical activity is essential at any stage of life to keep the body healthy, and in the pregnancy There are no exception, but it is only required to adapt the exercise to this biological condition to then enjoy its benefits.

Below we show you ten good reasons to exercise in pregnancy and you’ll see that physical activity can be helpful to overcome some negative effects of gestation as well as also, can bring great benefits for MOM and baby carrying in whicheverhealth.com.

  • Exercise improves the resistance, strength and aerobic capacity, which is favorable for face better birth, time in which all of these skills are very helpful.
  • It reduces constipation that so often occurs in pregnancy and generates discomfort in the breast.
  • Physical activity improves mood and it prevents depressive syndromes that frequently occur during gestation.
  • Help to control weight gain during pregnancy, something fundamental to the gestation and in the growing child maternal health.
  • Promotes blood circulation and It prevents the formation of varicose veins and oedemas, of pregnancy.
  • The exercise reduces stress and the tensions inherent to this biological stage.
  • While we exercise we release endorphins that have a natural effect analgesic, therefore, be physically active during pregnancy help to reduce pain that can occur in the back and legs because of the greater body weight.
  • Improve self esteem pregnant women that often is affected by the physical changes of this time.
  • The exercise facilitates recovery After the pregnancy weight, physical fitness and the elasticity of the skin affecting both during pregnancy.
  • In babies in gestation, the exercise of the mother also brings benefits, as reduces cardiovascular risk to improve heart rate.

Should simply request medical authorization and placed in the hands of professionals who adapt the exercise to the pregnancy, in order to benefit and benefit to the child who is brewing.