Teamviewer App

Remote maintenance from the iPhone (iPod touch) …
The TeamViewer remote teaming software is certainly not just for service staff. Whether it’s a Mac or a PC, TeamViewer allows you to quickly and easily access a computer from a distance, transfer files, or perform a screen presentation, for example, for training purposes. For the private user of, for example, the grandma helps in setting up the calculator, this software solution is also completely free, only with commercial use one is politically invited to license TeamViewer. As far as, ingenious-since the yesterday Wednesday is now also the appropriate iPhone app ( App-Store-Link ) in the program.
This is, of course, free of charge (link to the app store), but there is still a pro version (link to the app store) for the already mentioned commercial use in the App Store (cost point 79.99 euros) There is probably nothing else. With the free app you can now quickly and easily access a remote computer (Mac or PC) and control it. In the reverse direction, however, this does not work-well, the iPhone may not necessarily need a remote maintenance;-).

The first step is to start TeamViewer on your Mac or PC, then you get your personal ID and password. These two numbers need the iPhone user (in my case an iPod touch) to control the computer. After successful connection, the user first sees some helpful hints about the control (see screenshots), because TeamViewer takes into account the different handling of the touchscreen. Since I use two monitors in my workspace, TeamViewer allows me to look at my main monitor. My second monitor is shown by brief shaking. TeamViewer also supports both the vertical and horizontal display of the screen, including multitouch gestures for the zoom.

You have to be patient, because both the control is a bit filigree, as well as the reaction of the monitor to be controlled on the iPod touch is anything but fast, but the possibility is fascinating. From now on, one can also support his loved ones on the road and at any time.On the other hand, I do not know whether this concept of 24h service is really so exhilarating.