Tassels Fashion Trend

ln vasions of PomPoms on the shelves but how not wrong style? Response and advice through various profiles of puffs.

The Bohemian fringe

The Bohemian fringe is mostly leather and very long. You can easily link it to western looks with a shirt in jeans and navajo prints on a poncho or a skirt for example. It is easier to carry in bag satchel skirt or Leggings for those who don’t want a total look. You can mix it with seventies style elements (cf. sunbonnet, jean flare) for a retro look or a perfecto leather for a more rock look.

The folk Pompom

Here, there are two schools. On one side the rather Scandinavian Pompom and the other a more oriental pompon. If you prefer the cold great atmosphere, you can spot the tassels on the side of the suede material and embroidered blouses, small and made of cotton thread. You can build your look around an Irish knit sweater and associate it with a multicolored folk skirt or pants in velvet.

For the oriental pompon, thinner, Silkier, you find of course on the side of the kimonos but on many obi belts or cord. He also very monopolize trends jewelry of the time with PomPoms in golden chains.

The PREPPY Acorn

Finally, BCBG on LSD. This is a pastry shop or an artifact masculine but rather another term that means Pompom. Fortunately the trend Marie-Chantal straightening with bold colours on moccasins and preppy bags. Discreet on clothing, acorns are almost inevitable on accessories this season. You can marry it with 3/4 Pants, cardigans and knits but attention ends too dull colors or shades if you want to avoid the look stuck.