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Tickoprint Watch Timing Machine

Who deals with mechanical watches, which feels the urge sooner or later after a time scale. So a device reveals whether a clock is right or not – fast, and more importantly: the current “health” a clock can be very well established.

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Counterfeit Watches China

For four years now, there’s a replica of the Rolex caliber 3135. The work is not in all details identical but visually almost indistinguishable. The overall architecture is equivalent to the original, only the mass of wheels and shoots are not always identical.

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Breitling Navitimer Heritage Watch

Initially, I must refute a myth: the NAVITIMER by Breitling has nothing to do with the Navy. Sure the one or the other pilot there may have one, but the pronunciation of “Näiwitimer” is fundamentally wrong. Instead the Navi navigation-is because the clock is a handy tool that usefully supplements the instrumentation of an aircraft its basic form. 2012, the clock was 60 years old and belongs to the Veterans of wrist watches, but above all the chronograph.

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Watch Star Awards 2015

And the winner is…”-so the movements always begin at the ceremony of the Academy Awards for the film industry in Los Angeles known as OSCAR. The real work takes place however before: nominations, discussions, quiet and loud considerations. This is no different in the jury of the Watchstars – that is well known as a member of this body.

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Omega Speedmaster the First Watch Worn on the Moon

The life of an ordinary watch on the wrist of an average carrier takes place between desk and sofa. But other challenges waiting for some clock-they dive to great depths, or left even our Earth’s atmosphere. The first watch on the moon-which boasts the Omega Speedmaster. “The first watch worn on the moon” adorns the bottom of many Speedmaster models as engraving. For the normal watch wearer at least a small air space on his own wrist.

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Black Watches are Making a Comeback

Clearly, colors are something wonderful and are still a topical theme, but currently the black in the watch world is experiencing a fulminant comeback. And this is not just about black bracelets, but really about completely black watches, that is, in addition to the bracelet, the dial is also completely black. Black is always a mystical color, it symbolizes the dark, the hidden, but in the fashion world stands clearly for class and elegance. This is probably the reason for the watch designer and a few wonderful pieces created, which can be found in the current collections.
Partially, it is discreet clock models, which look rather filigree and restrained, but there are also deep black models in XXL, which can show the presence of the color particularly well and can be understood as a statement on the wrist. It always depends on the individual taste and the situation at which the watch is to be worn. The advantage of black is that it can be combined with all other colors and is not restricted in styling.

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Smart Watch For Days of Pedaling

Going to walk up the Hill or the road is and should be a positive and fun experience. Therefore, we are presenting the new technology of the Smart Watch Samsung Gear S3, and some tips that you should keep in mind when you’re on two wheels.

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Stockholm Shopping: Local Fashion

Here comes the sequel in the series about Stockholm’s shops. Later, it was High Fashion , and today we are focusing on more local fashion.

There are a growing number of stores that asserts itself with a range of greater local presence. It’s very Swedish in small editions and largely by smaller, unestablished designers. Manolo presents: Local Fashion stores in Stockholm.

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Rolex: One of The Most Famous Names in Watchmaking

Rolex It is one of those brands that all us sound, we are consumers of luxury goods or not, and it’s an important brand not only within the luxury market, but in general within the world of the Watch.

Swiss company, of course it could be otherwise (although its owner wasn’t it), which dedicates itself since 1905, when it was founded by Hans Wildorf and Alfred Davis (brothers-in-law) to the creation of watches and accessories. Initially it was named Wilsdorf & Davis, but later acquired the name by which we know it today Rolex Watch Company, in 1908.

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Baume Mercier Luxury Watch

Affordable Luxury: Links: The Clifton. Right: The Hampton of Balm & Mercier.

The name Balm & Mercier calls on a very specific watch model. The two-colored riviera with a striking twelfth corner was a selling camp of the 1980s. The model is no longer manufactured today and the name Balm & Mercier stands for much more than just a famous watch.

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