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Rolex: One of The Most Famous Names in Watchmaking

Rolex It is one of those brands that all us sound, we are consumers of luxury goods or not, and it’s an important brand not only within the luxury market, but in general within the world of the Watch.

Swiss company, of course it could be otherwise (although its owner wasn’t it), which dedicates itself since 1905, when it was founded by Hans Wildorf and Alfred Davis (brothers-in-law) to the creation of watches and accessories. Initially it was named Wilsdorf & Davis, but later acquired the name by which we know it today Rolex Watch Company, in 1908.

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Baume Mercier Luxury Watch

Affordable Luxury: Links: The Clifton. Right: The Hampton of Balm & Mercier.

The name Balm & Mercier calls on a very specific watch model. The two-colored riviera with a striking twelfth corner was a selling camp of the 1980s. The model is no longer manufactured today and the name Balm & Mercier stands for much more than just a famous watch.

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Google Smartwatch Operating System

The evidence piling up that we will be seeing a smartwatch equipped with Google Now already this year. The Wall Street Journal claims that LG is behind one of them.

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Gorilla Fastback Watch

For many years was an unwritten law in the watch industry: ever more unusual design, the more complex the materials, the more expensive the clock. Brands like Hublot, Richard Mille, or Linde Werdelin that impressively demonstrated. Octavio Garcia was the Creative Director on the designs of Audemars Piguet from 2010 to 2015. Each version of the Royal Oak Offshore considered monument in steel, carbon or ceramic. Already before his work he worked as design Director seven years as a designer at AP.

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Trend Women’s Fashion Accessories

Feminine accessories are known for fashionistas like the icing of a cake look. Want to spice up with something but do not know how your look? Choose cool accessories and will never go wrong. She is finding her blouse too bland to be smooth and without details? A maxi necklace can change everything and it is not difficult to choose the model. Adding value accessories, you can greatly improve a visual or knock down completely, so the choice of what use is also important.

There are several information to take into consideration when choosing women’s accessories such as color, type of material manufacture and style. Every detail, however small, should rather influence the final result. Sometimes, one look requires more than an accessory to complement harmonically a visual and three or more can be too much. The accessories should match each other also not to make ugly in time to get out on the street.

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LG Android Watch Official 2

Had been anticipated at the event Google and now, after this night in New York. It’s called LG Watch LG Watch 2 Second Edition Urban or Urban for friends and is the first wearable Android Wear with data connectivity and then to integrate a SIM. A very interesting product that boasts a round Plastic Oled display and a battery from well 570mAh.

The features are substantial and although you always bases on Snapdragon 400, the screen has a resolution of 480 x 480 pixels capable of bringing the density at 348ppi. She was also given the opportunity to make calls directly from the clock thanks to 3 g and 4 g supported.

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Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smartwatch Review

Now the smartwatch became a common object: there are those Android – got there first, there is the Apple Watch. There are some that seem almost normal clocks, until you touch the screen and these changes, revealing screen shots and screen shots are always different.

But the real clock snob until now son disappointed: they want a watch that is a clock … but with functions from smartwatch. So no digital display, no touch screen: only the good old, solid mechanics: true hands, tick true. Solid stuff and real.

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