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The 7 Perfect Looks of Pull and Bear Chosen for This Season

We continue with the Ad of the month of March for this season, and now comes the turn to Pull and Bear Since a few months I decided to bet on draw each mez a series of looks where they pick up outfits of the season with ideas to combine them and to achieve innovative and different sets with […]

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RAF Simons Collaborated with Fred Perry New for Spring-Summer 2011

Talk about collaborations with Fred Perry and speaking of RAF Simons It is the same. The designer has found in this British firm a real reef where to innovate under the protection of one of the more classic and old of mother England and however with the passage of time, has managed to open its market, with a cunning […]


Custom T-Shirts, Trend Typography

Do not limit creativity! Regardless of how wild the message or the creative is, we advise you to give free rein to your imagination.Custom t-shirts, trend typography, wear them!The style of the type is essential in the printing of a personalized t-shirt.Sources broken, with effects, sources that create sensations.


5 Ideas For T-Shirts For Bachelorette Parties

Is it time to celebrate the wedding of one of your best friends?Are you in charge of organizing your farewell and do not know where to start?In Impact 33 we make it a little easier giving you 5 ideas of shirts for bridal showers that will make this great day a night to remember.


T-Shirts for Babies

In Yadogg show a series of t-shirts for babies that surely many Popes will be able to buy their children, also can be friends who take advantage of the birth of a baby to play a joke on the newly-minted potatoes, the proof is in these pictures.


Summer T-Shirt Dresses

Want a dress of original Beach for you to strut on the sand this summer? And if you were trying to make it yourself? Thanks to two very simple methods, you will be the most original this summer and without spending a penny! By retrieving a t-shirt of your Darling Max, you will impress all your friends! For […]

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How to Wear The Parka?

The parka is a real basic wardrobe. It is a coat that combines comfort and modernity. But how to wear it without overstated the casual look? Read this article to choose your parka and well everyday wear. 1) Choose the right parka The parka is a coat of military origin. It is mostly the thicket time and wind: the coat. Fight […]