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Summer T-Shirt Dresses

Want a dress of original Beach for you to strut on the sand this summer? And if you were trying to make it yourself? Thanks to two very simple methods, you will be the most original this summer and without spending a penny! By retrieving a t-shirt of your Darling Max, you will impress all your friends!

For perfectionists, the strapless in a t-shirt dress

You’re not very good at sewing, but you want to create original clothes? You have to own and control a sewing machine? The crafting world is full of solutions to make life easier and allow you to give life to all your desires. With a pair of scissors, irons and bonding Ribbon, you will you make yourself a little dress simple but the most beautiful effect in a simple t-shirt cut to your sweetie!

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How to Choose a Sleeping Bag for Camping

With a sleeping bag, stay warm and dry and camp with confidence

In natural or synthetic down, your sleeping bag should be light and resistant 

A sleeping bag against the cold and wet in a tent

Good night’s sleep, it’s a good day. You hiking or whether you stay in a campsite, your sleeping conditions are essential. A sleeping bag is more effective against cold and moisture that the air volume inside the filling is important. To check this, just compare the bag unfolded and compressed bag. More the place once out of its protective cover is important compared to its size when it is being stored, the better its characteristics.

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Lace Earrings: Must-have of the Summer

Give a touch of glamor to the summer look, light and colorful feathers as here some proposals for Tita, Sodini and Stroili.

Lace on dresses, lace on bags, tights and lace on the swimsuits. They could escape this season’s must absolutely earrings, among the most popular accessories by us women?Absolutely not! There are many jewelry and jewelry brands that have entered into their proposed collections inspired by this acclaimed trend, which gives a nod to a romantic atmosphere and a retro flavor.

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Women’s Plus Size Winter Jackets

These days blowing us an icy wind around the nose. Eagerly we might have expected the first snowflakes. As a transitional jacket is no longer enough. Time for winter jackets in Plus Size. Warm. Stylish. Attractive for curvy women.

From A to S Azure Mustard Yellow

Tiefschwarz, rust red and azure – these are just some of the trendy colors of the great designers for this year’s autumn / winter collection 2015/16. In addition to the favorite color black, which should be in every collection, there will be this winter colorful on German roads. Summer and winter types, which cool colors are very good, are having big size coats in azure trendy. Also coats in excess length flatter your feminine figure.

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Looks by Karen Manica

Hello girls!!! How are the “compritchas” year’s end? They’ve already chosen gifts, looks to use at parties and clothes to enjoy the summer? We are very worried about that, nor sleep right thinking like pulling the paparazzi flashes. So, every time we see new features in the windows of the shops have to stop, get, check out, futricar here, futricar there, and when we were in love we make a point of bringing the luxury feeling, so you can also get a taste of “queroooo…eu I precisooo”. We’re not all selfish! RS

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Trend: Invasion of Butterflies!

The print of the summer will be butterflies. They’re already in macaws or wandering around thanks to the Valentinho collection launched for your fall 2016. The pattern soon became hit all over the world and fashionistas like Alexa Chung, Blake Lively, Miroslova A and many other already secured his pieces stuffed with these butterflies.

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