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Lenovo will Launch First Smartphone and Tablet in Brazil

After investing in the CCE focused on cheap products, Lenovo plans to “aggressive” in the premium market to compete with Apple and Samsung.

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The Sony SmartWatch Comes in March by 120 Euros

Many were asking them and already have the information for you directly from Sony Spain. Nearby is the premium version of the LiveView, with finishes of higher quality and a desire for users of Android phones,.

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Smart Watches, a New Trend

Smart Watches carry time with us, but in recent months they have been especially fashion After the excitement generated by the Pebble project and rumors that have appeared in some of the big manufacturers that apparently they want to enter this market.

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New Technology Smartwatch

FlexEnable has Already Developed technology Soft Screens Graphene ready to be Applied on a Large Scale

Some of the jewels of the MWC are not in the main halls with big brands like Samsung, Sony, LG and Huawei, but you have to go looking for where all those small companies that have achieved a hole together to show in this edition. Today we talk about FlexEnable, a company that, despite its discreet stand has drawn the attention of the mainstream media thanks to its technology.

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Sony Xperia Z, The new Sony High-end Smartphone

Each year, smartphones manufacturers struggling to introduce new features. The competition also is increasingly harder making it difficult to surprise with new ideas. However, each year they overcome and bring us phones impressions.

This is the case of Sony. After giving a return thread to the brand, this year on the high end with an outstanding terminal in all its facets. We are talking about the Sony Xperia Z and today in technology you to you we it told you all about it.

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Hologram Technology: Science Fiction Becomes Reality

Novel Chip Produces Holograms

Is known right holograms usually only from science fiction films, for example from Star Wars. They could soon become reality. The American company Ostendo has now demonstrated a real hologram. Next year, the hologram technology in mass production could go and find in Smartphone use.

The US company Ostendo has almost ten years and on a chip worked almost unnoticed by the public, produces the holograms and a just such hologram journalists presented by the Wall Street Journal. During the demonstration, two rotating green cube were produced, superbly could see the audience from every angle.

As the technology of the Quantum Photon generator, which produces a hologram works: the chip produced by Ostendo, the “Ostendo quantum Photonic imager” creates three-dimensional and floating freely in the air pictures that all sides consider themselves allow – no reflective mirror used in the technique, as are known from similar holographic process. The chip, which projected the hologram, created nearly a million pixels – equivalent to 5,000 dpi. For comparison: the new smartphone LG G3, which comes on the market soon, has a screen resolution of 534 dpi, which are between 100-200 dpi more than most other premium Smartphones such as iPhone, Xperia or Galaxy S5 – 5,000 dpi are really gigantic. Ostendo wants to even further increase the resolution in the future. The chip about the size of a Tic Tac, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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Xperia Z5: Sony Teaser Reveals His IFA Press Conference Start Date

Hardly Sony has the Xperia Z5 with a first teaser for the IFA announced, there is already the next Note: the official Twitter channel for the Xperia series has posted an image that the actual date and time of event is called, provided with the Hashtag #SonyIFA. One week you need to be patient you still.

“7 days… Take part in the future of the Xperia evolution on the 02.09.15. #SonyIFA”, so the tweet of the company in the wording. Here, too, the prompt to be – on September 2, while, as well as the specific time is again: the revelation is to start at 16:45 CET, Sony is already our time zone. No wonder held the IFA in Berlin.

Is A Specialized Camera Smartphone The Xperia Z5?

The teaser image shows a couple, which is in the process of taking a photo. Already in the last teaser, Sony indicated special camera skills. “Major focus”, was the slogan, which is apparently intentionally second German side: for one it alludes to an improved camera focus to another on a Smartphone, which is no goose, but specialized in a particular feature with the good camera.

Xperia Z5 Sony Teaser Reveals His IFA Press Conference Start Date

However, could Sony bring several new devices to the IFA and present except the Xperia Z5 still a small and a large spin-off the Xperia Z5, compact, as well as the Xperia Z5 plus, even though the teaser is called none of the models by name. There is official shots of the hardware while yet, for it but gel file photos and images of dummies.