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Android N Developer Preview 2, Hidden Menu Introduces Greater Integration of VR Systems

New products for Android N Developer Preview 2 continue to emerge, and this time we parlaimo a small gem linked to virtual reality systems, increasingly projected to become an integral part of the evolution in both home and mobile.

If we look at the mobile segment, only time will tell if the various viewers, Google Cardboard and the like, are just a passing fad or future developments may make these technologies really usable, however it seems that Google really wants to bet.

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The Home Key to Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

The new Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have certainly won favor with audiences and critics thanks to their impeccable build quality that makes them, especially regarding the Edge version, particularly sought after objects and attractively designed.

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Smart Watch For Days of Pedaling

Going to walk up the Hill or the road is and should be a positive and fun experience. Therefore, we are presenting the new technology of the Smart Watch Samsung Gear S3, and some tips that you should keep in mind when you’re on two wheels.

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Samsung Galaxy A Series Mobiles

Samsung’s Galaxy-A series should become more attractive with an upgrade and a design reminiscent of the Galaxy S6. As before, the three Android Smartphones have a casing with a sturdy metal frame.

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Google Smartwatch Operating System

The evidence piling up that we will be seeing a smartwatch equipped with Google Now already this year. The Wall Street Journal claims that LG is behind one of them.

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New Technology Smartwatch

FlexEnable has Already Developed technology Soft Screens Graphene ready to be Applied on a Large Scale

Some of the jewels of the MWC are not in the main halls with big brands like Samsung, Sony, LG and Huawei, but you have to go looking for where all those small companies that have achieved a hole together to show in this edition. Today we talk about FlexEnable, a company that, despite its discreet stand has drawn the attention of the mainstream media thanks to its technology.

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Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S Plus Frozen with Coca-Cola

Of all the stress that we have seen so far, this is perhaps one of the weirder, at least that’s the idea that we had at first. But, leaving aside the fact that you have used a bottle of Coke for freeze Samsung Galaxy S7 and Apple iPhone 6S Plus, the test can be meaningful and demonstrates what the resistance of the device even in extreme temperatures. The quality of materials and the highest certification possible (IP68) guarantee to S7 Edge a good degree of hope he survives, but the end result is quite remarkable for both (go to min 8:40 ):

The new top range Samsung has been on during all stages of frostbite, became part of a large Icicle and then resumed thanks to rapid melting using boiling water. No issues whatsoever, the display Always On active and fully functional smartphone without the slightest vacillation.

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The Definitive Guide to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S

Samsung is one of the leading brands in the sector of the tablets. This year it has launched the renovation of its range with the Tab 4. An affordable model with good specifications but when it comes to compete for the post of the best it was not sufficient that offered. How do it better?

Offering the best of the best and releasing a Tablet capable of competing with other titans such as Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet or iPad Air. His name is Samsung Galaxy Tab S defined on ablogtophone.com and comes to become a reference model for whoever seeks to consumption and work tools. Today we tell you all about it.

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Five Tricks You didn’t Know for the Samsung Galaxy Note II

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is here. Your hardware has caused sensation and it is this hybrid between smartphone and tablet is a very attractive device for all those who want a terminal capable of offering the best of both worlds.

However, its so cutting-edge technical specifications are only part of its appeal since all the difference on this phone are all the capabilities offered. If you don’t know them, today in technology you your you will discover five tricks that make this so special terminal.

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Hologram Technology: Science Fiction Becomes Reality

Novel Chip Produces Holograms

Is known right holograms usually only from science fiction films, for example from Star Wars. They could soon become reality. The American company Ostendo has now demonstrated a real hologram. Next year, the hologram technology in mass production could go and find in Smartphone use.

The US company Ostendo has almost ten years and on a chip worked almost unnoticed by the public, produces the holograms and a just such hologram journalists presented by the Wall Street Journal. During the demonstration, two rotating green cube were produced, superbly could see the audience from every angle.

As the technology of the Quantum Photon generator, which produces a hologram works: the chip produced by Ostendo, the “Ostendo quantum Photonic imager” creates three-dimensional and floating freely in the air pictures that all sides consider themselves allow – no reflective mirror used in the technique, as are known from similar holographic process. The chip, which projected the hologram, created nearly a million pixels – equivalent to 5,000 dpi. For comparison: the new smartphone LG G3, which comes on the market soon, has a screen resolution of 534 dpi, which are between 100-200 dpi more than most other premium Smartphones such as iPhone, Xperia or Galaxy S5 – 5,000 dpi are really gigantic. Ostendo wants to even further increase the resolution in the future. The chip about the size of a Tic Tac, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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