Women's Oversized Coat

How to Wear an Oversized Coat

Warm, comfortable, modern and super charming, oversized coats are taking up more and more the wardrobe of women who wish to warm themselves in the cold days with style and personality!

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Trend Women’s Fashion Accessories

Feminine accessories are known for fashionistas like the icing of a cake look. Want to spice up with something but do not know how your look? Choose cool accessories and will never go wrong. She is finding her blouse too bland to be smooth and without details? A maxi necklace can change everything and it is not difficult to […]

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White Presents Their Lookbook for Spring/Summer 2011

At Mensencia we love spring to come. We love that you notice the good weather in the street-style, in the campaigns that come out and in the lookbooks fashion firms. You know that there are many firms to which follow closely to show its innovations and, among the low-cost, White It is one of the first row of battle. […]


Printed Legging Pants

Today’s proposal fell on this cast of printed legging pants in size 38 (table) and 40 (Brazilian table). Mold pants have no sewing value has to be added. This publication aims to help those who have no printer. Always make the mold on paper and cut out to make any necessary correction.


How to Wear Classic Pants

Are full of new ideas and elegant replicas of classic style. Just ask yourself the question, means neither more nor less “what to wear women’s pants?”-make a lot of images to fashion and style.exemples


Kylie Jenner Starring In Puma

The Jenner girl, Kylie Jenner is the protagonist of the new campaign of Puma to present the new models of their Suede shoes, a classic of the firm that has existed since 1968 and that each year is reinvented with new designs and materials


How to Match Denim Shirt

Hello Sara,  I’m writing to know what you think of the denim shirt.  We see all the years in anticipation of spring, so I think it’s one of those pieces that never go out of style. Or am I wrong?  Dark, clear, with ruge, with pockets, to be worn with the sleeves rolled up … so […]


The Adventist Woman’s Clothing-Swimwear

Well … This is not a subject, not by far, easy to talk to. However, twice we’ve had specific questions about the Adventist woman’s swimwear. The opinions are diverse, however, our goal is not to write their own reviews here but briefly reflect on divine guidance. First, it is important to note that neither the […]


Ways to Wear the Crop Tops

We see him in it girl and fashion blogger just peep the first rays of sun, a few seasons we find them in all the collections for spring-summer and also we are now tempted by their purchase, but the crop top is a difficult boss by lead and unfortunately not for all.