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How to Make a Multicolor Nail Art


This guide will explain how to decorate your nails in a simple and lively recreating the effect given from the gun, simply by using the common nail polishes. For an art multicolor nail nuanced in duty it is almost always necessary to use the airbrush but being a tool that not all possess, I will show you how to get the same effect by replacing the gun with simple Blenders (those used for eye shadow) that surely every woman has at home.


Make sure you have on hand:

different colored enamels

Blenders for makeup

Moisturizing cream

cotton swab

clear nail polish

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Essence Nail Polish “What’s My Name?”

Can you remember my contribution to the new Essence Color & Go nail polish? I had called you my 6 favorites and one of them was the lacquer 130 “What’s my name?”. Thanks to the nice parking meter I am now in possession of this nail polish and would like to present it to you a bit closer today.

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Smalti Gel Shine Bottega Verde

So shiny as to be similar to the gel professional manicure, new Bottega Verde enamels Gel Shine is a great innovation for Spring Summer 2015!

For the summer season the Italian cosmetics company has created a new line of nail gel effect, which has a special formula by the exceptional finish gel glossed ultra bright and uniform color.

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Cinderella Collection Nail Polish

Magical colors and fabulous ones of the two collections of enamels limited edition Gelish and Morgan Taylor presented at the leave of the movie “Cinderella”.

The Cinderella Collection consists of nine special sparkling hues, divided between shades pink and intense blue. Within a line stand out three shades enriched with glitter able to give an ultra bright finish to the nails, while the other six shades, however, can be worn both in semi-permanent version license plate Gelish or in classic format nail polish signed Morgan Taylor.

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Orly Elsa Nail Polish

Elsa Frozen is undoubtedly one of the most beloved Disney characters in recent years: for this reason Orly, famous American company of nail products, has dedicated an entire collection of nail!

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French Gel Nails

To have perfect hands for a long time, the right product is the gel Polish that now can also be used to create colorful French manicure and trendy.

The gels for nails is definitely a revolutionary product and every season that passes not only high quality but also enamels are made with bright colors and innovative.

If you like, the only limit is the use of a uv lamp, which can be obviously an obstacle. Until recently the gel was just transparent, but today you can really make the latest French manicure.

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Inspirations of Nails for Christmas!

As usual, every woman in the time to assemble a look for a “common” gets desperate huh? The wardrobe is always full, but we never get undressed and when we have the clothes don’t have the shoe or purse or accessories, what to say so of special times like Christmas? We lost! But Between Divas are here to solve your problems and show the path to mount a look wonderful and raze the holidays without forgetting any details!

Well, we will continue so “the saga for Christmas part II-nails”, will be pretty quick since on this subject doesn’t have much to say and Yes show, then exemplify through pictures, some tips for all styles.

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