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Different Pregnant Bellies

Baby bellies can not be more different.

The fitness model Chontel Duncan currently shows us with a stunning photo can look how different the bellies of pregnant women. Because after all our bodies are all different! The former
‘ Miss Universe ‘-finalist Chontel is in the recording in their 21st week of pregnancy – her friend, who confronts her in the 25th week of pregnancy. And yet the differences are incredible!

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Halloween Costumes for Pregnant

You’re expecting and want to join the scariest holiday of the year? Here is a list of Halloween costumes for pregnant women

Halloween costumes for pregnant women

On Halloween one can disguise even though you are pregnant. There are many ways to hide the baby bump is for Halloween but for Carnival.

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How to Choose a Pregnancy Belt

Among the things that moms must buy often appear the banner of pregnancy and pregnancy belt. And Yes, there are well 2: the headband and belt. It should not be confused because these 2 objects have not at all the same functions.

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Swimming and Bathing During Pregnancy

Finally in the tub! After a long day there is nothing better, especially, if the back hurts. But Baden is ever allowed in pregnancy?

There are so many things that are forbidden in the pregnancy-as it is not surprising that many expectant mothers are unsure whether they are bathing or swimming in pregnancy. Finally, they want not unknowingly damage the unborn child and risk even a miscarriage or premature labor.

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Basics Maternity Underwear

If you or someone you love expecting a bundle of joy soon, there’s no reason to sacrifice the beautiful feeling. Maternity underwear does feel good while being a hot mom!

Importance of Comfort

When you are pregnant, your body goes through many changes, and the only thing you think about in these last months is comfort. Swollen breasts and bellies can do to find comfortable underwear difficult, and the last thing you want is to feel limited and if you are popping out of your unmentionables. Fortunately, many designers in the industry has been paying attention. Now maternity lingerie is available in a lot of stylish and affordable alternative. And yes, you can still be comfortable.

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