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How to Wear The Parka?

The parka is a real basic wardrobe. It is a coat that combines comfort and modernity. But how to wear it without overstated the casual look? Read this article to choose your parka and well everyday wear.

1) Choose the right parka

The parka is a coat of military origin. It is mostly the thicket time and wind: the coat. Fight against the cold quintessential Drop the transparent neo parka, too short or multicolored, is it better to invest in a basic yet beautiful you never get tired and will be timeless.

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Best Tie Brands in The World

After the story of the tie and the 5 essential ties to possess, we continue our series of articles dedicated to this essential and inseparable accessory of male daily. Ties, most ready-to-wear brands in offers in its catalog with more or less success. To try to limit the amount of risk it is best with the experience of building a brand based on which we can rely in terms of quality and style. To simplify the task, we offer you our selection of the 10 ties brands to know. Here we tried to alternate brands recognized name and other more confidential while incorporating a range of affordable price.

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Gifts for Women!

Who said March 8 Women’s Day? No No, you’re wrong … day 8 March is men’s Day! Men’s day wake up your loved ones with a beautiful breakfast in bed; men’s day lunch; men’s day washing dishes; day of men take care of the children; day of men work and women keep legs up (preferably at the beauty parlor!); and men give day clarooo that gift that the woman is already asking for a long time and make her feel loved as never! Hahahahahaha… have you seen how easy to please a woman? In fact, every day men should make these pleasantries, don’t you agree?!?

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MyGloss Gifts

Ehhh people … now there’s no escape, came the weekend of the run! The shift is on and we’re still in legs in search of suggestions of gifts for our dear readers-and indecisive, even didn’t buy the souvenirs. Ouch ouch … every year is that neh … we have to keep the tradition of good Brazilians who leave everything to the last minute! What fun is not to feel those butterflies inside, nervous skin deep, nail-biting, plucking the hair? Hahahahahaha!

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Midwinter in BO. BOT

Today has more palpiteco fashion to freak out our little heads! We are out of control, crazy with so many new features, and we invite you to participate in that moment so pleasurable with us! Let’s go girls? This week we received a special invitation hyper mega BO. BOT, in Campo Grande/MS, to confer on first hand the high winter collection that has just arrived in store. The launch of the new collection is in store at the Mall today, Campo Grande, from the 2:00 pm, but we already went ahead and we rushed to register for you some of the looks that baphonicos will be in araras.

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