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Frames of Glasses and Lipstick, How to Combine?

It’s no use, for more that already exist 1000 editorial talking about it, many people still get lost and don’t know how to match glasses and makeup. As it is, contrary to what many women think, that combination is possible, and it’s not that hard, you don’t. Long gone the time when eyeglasses were ugly and heavy, today there are prescription eyeglasses with the most different frames, with super delicate models, even the vintage or more futuristic, that end up serving as a very interesting accessory, giving a charm to more production. Here’s how not to miss time for makeup.

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10 Tips to Pass Red Lipstick Perfectly

The lipstick has been with us for a long time. Lipstick red, however, is a great difficulty for many women (See how to choose the perfect red lipstick for you).

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Eye Makeup like Angelina Jolie

Eye makeup of Angelina Jolie recently characterized by a very glamorous eyeliner, rather pointed at the ends of the eyes. This look combines it with a nude look very flattering in his sensual lips, make-up, according to some sources, with a bar of out of print Guerlain only manufactured for her. But those are just rumors. Today I’m going to give a few tips on how make you eyes as she.

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Candy Bag: Mini Furla Bag

Summer, time of sorbets, blue sky and occasions where to look a FURLA Candy Bag. Which of them? The new mini version in pastel colors of Candy Cookie, the same design in one smaller size, ready for all kinds of meetings and events.

Pink strawberry, peach, blue sky or dusty pink, Candy Cookie made wish for its smoothness, soft colors and comfortable ASA upper rigid. You can take it in the hand or hung on the forearm.

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Wedding Makeup 2015

Wedding makeup 2015, trends for the day of the fateful “Yes” come directly from the runways.The trick here is sharp and sexy nude look at many ideas to inspire, but don’t rely only on what you like: the make up is a second skin that must adapt perfectly to your skin tone.

Choose the makeup for your wedding day isn’t something that only takes a few minutes and we should never rely solely and exclusively to our desires, because not always what like then is what is right. Every bride in the most beautiful day dreams of having a flawless complexion, and maybe even a few pounds less, but alternatively just pick the right dress that enhances shapes and rely on a makeup artist who is good at contouring and therefore be able to refine our features. You have no idea what might like it? Please take a look at our photo gallery, but then get advice from a professional.

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Bridal Makeup DIY

If you want to try to make a DIY makeup for your wedding day, here are some valuable advice and many beautiful inspirational pictures.

Get to the wedding day with a bright face and radiant is the dream of all brides, but to treat him better and to enhance our strengths, we need a perfect makeup and that suits our look.

For those who want to “dare” thinking to DIY makeup for the most important day, here are small tricks to help you create a natural, simple and personalized bridal makeup.

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Chanel Spring Makeup 2016

The beautiful colors of dawn in Los Angeles enclosed in the special limited edition collection LA Sunrise.

The make-up for Spring 2016 signed Chanel is colorful and joyful, rich tones that recall the warm atmosphere of the beautiful city of Los Angeles: This is the collection LA Sunrise, which encloses the riot of colors of dawn in an unmissable collection and unpublished pieces.

Let’s find out all the proposals of the collection.

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Jennifer Lawrence Dior Campaign Makeup

La Maison has chosen the first actress Oscar as a testimonial advertising campaign of the new Dior Addict, and was published the first official photos from the set of the film, due out next November.

First image of Hunger Games-Mockingjay Part 2. To publish it’s own Jennifer Lawrenc and on his Facebook page. Curious the launch of the picture message that reads ” 09.06.15 # MockingjayPart2 #Unite “. The picture shows Katniss (Lawrence) and Gale (Liam Hemsworth) together with their team. Armed with bow and kneeling on the ground, the four seem to prepare for the attack. The actress has also changed the cover image by entering that of the launch of the film which will be released in US theaters November 20, 2015 and the Italian 19 November 2015.
The last chapter of the saga created by Suzanne Collins Pen promises to a particularly exciting movie and full of surprises: the same Francis Lawrence spoke of a real war movie, gruesome and dark.

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How to Wear The Parka?

The parka is a real basic wardrobe. It is a coat that combines comfort and modernity. But how to wear it without overstated the casual look? Read this article to choose your parka and well everyday wear.

1) Choose the right parka

The parka is a coat of military origin. It is mostly the thicket time and wind: the coat. Fight against the cold quintessential Drop the transparent neo parka, too short or multicolored, is it better to invest in a basic yet beautiful you never get tired and will be timeless.

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