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LG Invests in Flexible Displays

LG has so far been less known for major innovations than for reliable entertainment electronics.But with their latest investment, they want to change it. LG has long been talking about curved and even flexible displays, which should be installed in the future smartphones. The Flex 2 already has such a display, even if it is not yet 100% mature. A press release from the company shows, however, that the first experiment is now to be a real series production. In South Korea, a separate production facility will be set up to deal with the design and development of flexible displays.

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Sell Mobile Phone: So Nothing Goes Wrong

It is September. Who already with the new Apple iPhone 7 souls, wonders: What to do with the old smartphone? Keep as a spare? Use both phones in parallel? Or sell the old mobile phone? The latter offers itself, it rinses nevertheless a few euro in the stressed Geldbörse back. So that nothing goes wrong, we have put together a few tips for mobile phone sales.

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Google Smartwatch Operating System

The evidence piling up that we will be seeing a smartwatch equipped with Google Now already this year. The Wall Street Journal claims that LG is behind one of them.

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New Technology Smartwatch

FlexEnable has Already Developed technology Soft Screens Graphene ready to be Applied on a Large Scale

Some of the jewels of the MWC are not in the main halls with big brands like Samsung, Sony, LG and Huawei, but you have to go looking for where all those small companies that have achieved a hole together to show in this edition. Today we talk about FlexEnable, a company that, despite its discreet stand has drawn the attention of the mainstream media thanks to its technology.

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LG Android Watch Official 2

Had been anticipated at the event Google and now, after this night in New York. It’s called LG Watch LG Watch 2 Second Edition Urban or Urban for friends and is the first wearable Android Wear with data connectivity and then to integrate a SIM. A very interesting product that boasts a round Plastic Oled display and a battery from well 570mAh.

The features are substantial and although you always bases on Snapdragon 400, the screen has a resolution of 480 x 480 pixels capable of bringing the density at 348ppi. She was also given the opportunity to make calls directly from the clock thanks to 3 g and 4 g supported.

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LG Electronics Unveiled Smartphones K10 and K7

After the many rumors and advances in recent days, LG Electronics has finally officially announced at CES in Las Vegas the new K series of wholesale cell phones K10 and K7. Although devices that will be placed in the middle of the market, both offer specific and typical characteristics of high-profile products, starting from the camera and the UX 4.0 interface.

LG LG K10 and K7 offer new design glossy pebble with curved finish, 2.5 D glass and back cover in fabric texture. The lines are soft and clean, thanks to the absence of buttons on the sides.

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