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LED Operating Instructions Lighting

Thanks to led lighting, you consume more than a few Watts compared to a classic, and lighting for a superior life 20 times! Despite these benefits, the leds are not suitable for all types of lighting. Then, between tube led, built-in spotlight, Led G4 bulb and R63 Led bulb, it is difficult to navigate. Our explanations to make the right choice.

For targeted and powerful lighting leds

Above all, led remains lighting directional lighting often coupled with a white light: with Leds, you post that on the desired places. It’s so powerful and targeted lighting ideal as a functional but less suitable for general lighting and mood lighting. To choose your led, identify your lighting needs: for what and for what activity? What’s the mood you want to make?

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Zosi Security Camera System

The house is a refuge where people sleep every night, this place is the scene of many memories. It also contains numerous items that have more sentimental value than cash in term values. It is clear that we must protect his home vandals and burglars.

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ASUS Presents Swift PG27UQ

We continue in our round of new releases in one week which is more than prolific in this respect due above all to the celebration of the CES 2017 Las Vegas, which as you can guess, is gaining much of the technological focus these days.

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LED Ribbon Light Strips

Different Uses LED Ribbons And Headbands

The LED ribbon and LED strip lighting are systems that offer multiple possibilities of uses. Indeed LED ribbon headband can also be used to illuminate a room or driveway, to give a warm atmosphere to a space or even enhance a decorative element.

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Benefits of LED Light

Achieve energy savings thanks to LED lamps

LED bulbs offer many advantages. They are more economical, ecological, also having a long life. To choose LED bulb, we must consider three important criteria:

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LED Lighting for Outdoors

LED lighting is now democratic. Good news for our gardens, we will be able to enlighten not to mention because there is no energy-efficient bulbs. Marie Beyrie, product manager at Keria, sheds light on the subject.

LED lighting is a recent technology?

Marie Beyrie: This technology is actually for years. Initially, the LEDS were present in electronic devices where they acted as seers. At the time, they were not powerful enough to light up. Their two main advantages were their low energy consumption and reduced their cost of production.

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LED Garden Lamps

LED Outdoor Lighting-LED garden lights: To get your leisurely hours in domestic paradise especially at night, the extra portion of style and aesthetics, we would like everything in this article to know about the outdoor use of Smart and Green LED lights as garden lights, outdoor lights and for use as floating lights / LED pool lights summarized.

One thing first: As a garden lamps that meet LED lighting fixtures of Smart and Green their original purpose. The design of our lamps is optimized for mobile use since the early days. The French inventors is keen that the robustness, weather resistance and economy are exploited its technically leading LED lamps. Moreover, the often organic futuristic shapes blend harmoniously into the external environment. Whether outdoors, indoors, in the air or in the water.

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