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Lighting Designers and Architects

The great master of brazilian architecture, Oscar Niemeyer, said: “A good lighting raises a mediocre architecture, bad lighting and ends with the best project”. Your undeniable knowledge makes us reflect on the importance of the completion of the work of architects and Lighting Designers. The joint work of these professionals leads to excellence in their designs.

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Advantages of LED Lamp

You have probably heard a lot about LED light bulbs and how advantageous they are when compared to other types. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode who in translation means “led”. Is nothing more than a conduit of energy with proficiency to emit light to the naked eye.

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Light Filled Dips in Any Time

After a busy day, there is as relaxing in a swimming pool or hot tub, allowing that the water will take the concerns and tensions.

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How to Choose the Right LED Lamp

LED lamps came to revolutionize the market of lighting. They have become an essential element in both houses as in companies, and today there is no other option that has as much money as these lamps. However, there are several types of LED and to take full advantage of all the benefits you need to know which one is best for a particular space.

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What is the Difference Between LED and Other Types?

LED lamps are invading increasingly every aspect related to lighting, from offices, shops and rooms even in the street. Old models of lamps that were once so used today do not offer any advantage that can be compared with the ones with the LED, so he is encroaching on the market today and doesn’t seem to retreat. But you know what are the main differences between them?

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LED, the Best Solution in Quality and Economy

Lighting systems have undergone changes and passed through advances in recent decades, strengthening the concept of lighting with the use of light-emitting diodes, or LED (Light Emitting Diodes), which act in the development of domestic lighting systems, industrial, commercial and external environments.

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Ampoule LED Connectée Playbulb

We hear more and more connected world (control devices remotely via a tablet or a smartphone): the House, the car and even department stores that installs the Li-Fi to find the products on the shelves with its smartphone. For the home, for our daily lives, before start you a major expense to connect your home, there are affordable products that will allow you to familiarize yourself with this new way to control objects.

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Graphene Light Bulb vs LED

Discovered in 2004, graphene could soon replace our famous led bulbs that we currently use to light our homes and settle in other devices.

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The Definitive Guide to Review and Purchase of Flashlight

The principal members enjoy free delivery a day and two days in eligible items, unlimited video transmission, early access to 30 minutes at best deals and more. As a member of the force, a police flashlight (tactics) is a must-have accessory. The functions in tactical flashlights lumify x 9 works and attract controversy among users due to your dubious utility. This makes them less reliable? LED lamps for a tactical flashlight because are also more fragile than LED bulbs.

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LED Operating Instructions Lighting

Thanks to led lighting, you consume more than a few Watts compared to a classic, and lighting for a superior life 20 times! Despite these benefits, the leds are not suitable for all types of lighting. Then, between tube led, built-in spotlight, Led G4 bulb and R63 Led bulb, it is difficult to navigate. Our explanations to make the right choice.

For targeted and powerful lighting leds

Above all, led remains lighting directional lighting often coupled with a white light: with Leds, you post that on the desired places. It’s so powerful and targeted lighting ideal as a functional but less suitable for general lighting and mood lighting. To choose your led, identify your lighting needs: for what and for what activity? What’s the mood you want to make?

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