Grey Bomber Jacket

Grey Bomber Jacket Outfit

Autumn comes, whether we like it or not. Sure, it may perhaps take a few days and weeks, but it will come. And then you should be prepared. It does not have the thick knit sweater be but a reasonable transition jacket should already then. In terms of appearance should convince them. The New Look Bomber Jacket-mid gray I might as exactly who you […]

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Stockholm Shopping: Local Fashion

Here comes the sequel in the series about Stockholm’s shops. Later, it was High Fashion , and today we are focusing on more local fashion. There are a growing number of stores that asserts itself with a range of greater local presence. It’s very Swedish in small editions and largely by smaller, unestablished designers. Manolo presents: Local Fashion stores in […]

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Lookbook of The Urban Outfitters Designed by Collection 2011

Happy to see good collections. I do not know if the fact that the spring is already here or that increasingly is more fashionable will be simplicity, but the truth is that I have really enjoyed the garments in the collection of Urban Outfitters They aim to fill our wardrobes this season.


Celebrity Denim Style

If there is one thing that appeals to all women is the denim, which are jeans, shirts, shoes, handbags, brooches, hair accessories or other, no woman can say no to a good leader in jeans! Denim is always in fashion, jeans are strong all year, white, classic or colorful they are, in the spring shirts always come to the […]


24 Combinations With Polo Shirt (And Where To Buy)

The polo shirt generates enough conflict between men: there are some who think a dull clothes and typical of most guys, and there are those who consider the stylish and ideal model to balance comfort and elegance. However, regardless of your opinion of the piece, every man should have at least a polo shirt in […]


What to Wear High Waisted Jeans with

High-waisted jeans – a very interesting and stylish thing. They are retro and remind us of the fashion 80 years of the 20th century. It was then that they became popular, and the last few seasons again attracted the attention of designers and fashion.


Biker Leather for Celebrities

The best of arrives it autumn? Remove the leather jacket the Cabinet without Grill down the street. In a season where the fluffy coats and long coats become desired items the biker jackets life returning to see between the celebrities. Black, short and lists for any time, although this time We go Street, the party […]


Wool Sweaters for The Cold Days

When comes the cold, one of the best clothes to combat it are the wool sweaters. Easy to wear, comfortable and above all warm. As always, the low-cost companies are our saviors and most recurrent shops to choose our favorite design. Mango you have them all models and styles.


Jeans: Journey of an Icon

Good morning. How are you going the week? I hope that great, to my ever happened to flying since it coincided with holidays and I had almost no class.