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How To Wash Jeans?

First wash the jeans better to spend them immediately after purchase. As a result, the fabric will soften, and it can, in practice, to ensure the stability of the dyes. Is highly recommended to refer the jeans to dry cleaners-chemical exposure denim…
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How to Choose Pants

The well-dressed, young man, of course, has a great selection of pants – ranging from jeans, chinos to suit pants. A large selection of pants can vary your style, and it is without doubt to shape your overall look. However, it is not so easy to differentiate between the different kind of pants anymore – and the clear lines that existed 30 years ago, is slowly being washed out. Many things were easier in the past that distinguished only between business and casual. Today, the progressive men’s fashion contributed to these sharply defined concepts don’t really exist anymore. So a degree of inflection of the traditional concepts. This means,…
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