Big Size Jackets

Jackets Big Sizes

Jackets for women deemed practical and comfortable. Hereby, the self-confident woman shows her penchant for the convenience and sporty and casual at the same time. The jackets fit jeans and other pants to dresses and skirts. They are characterised by a good elasticity and are ideal to take if it is cooler at night. The […]

Grey Bomber Jacket

Grey Bomber Jacket Outfit

Autumn comes, whether we like it or not. Sure, it may perhaps take a few days and weeks, but it will come. And then you should be prepared. It does not have the thick knit sweater be but a reasonable transition jacket should already then. In terms of appearance should convince them. The New Look Bomber Jacket-mid gray I might as exactly who you […]

Women's Plus Size Winter Jackets

Women’s Plus Size Winter Jackets

These days blowing us an icy wind around the nose. Eagerly we might have expected the first snowflakes. As a transitional jacket is no longer enough. Time for winter jackets in Plus Size. Warm. Stylish. Attractive for curvy women. From A to S Azure Mustard Yellow Tiefschwarz, rust red and azure – these are just some of the trendy colors of […]

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Collection Spring – Summer 2011 Candy

More than 25 years endorse the candy brand as one of the most important firms of fashion in Spain, both inside and outside. Its name comes from the last name of one of the founders of the company. Today candy is characterized as a mark of high quality with very personal details.


Parka: The Casual Must-Have

Already some time ago I have reported the Must-Haves for this autumn/winter and also the Parka. Since I finally fulfilled the wish of a Parka, in the form of an olive-colored parka from SUIT, I would like to take this again as an occasion and report on the Parka trend.


Autumn/Winter Trends 2012: Jackets

As far as the jackets of the season are concerned, you can draw from the full to your taste! But before we present the very warm winter jackets: Here are our recommendations for the transitional period: In addition to college, as well as bomber jackets, which we had already presented, jeans jackets in various washings still […]


The Right Transition Jacket For Autumn 2014

Quite calmly, I definitely would not like to finish the summer yet, but I would just like to discuss the topic “The right transition jacket for the autumn of 2014”. Because you know how fast it goes, that the hours of sunshine become less and the not so friendly weather catches.


Fake Leather Jackets

Totally Excited About The New Colors Of Autumn Fashion 2013. Therefore I must strike this autumn/winter particularly the so-called gemstone colors (Ruby Red, mustard yellow, forest green, Royal Blue), where I can. That is to push my predominantly black wardrobe a lot.Especially since I got anyway more appetite for color lately. Look at.


How to Match Denim Shirt

Hello Sara,  I’m writing to know what you think of the denim shirt.  We see all the years in anticipation of spring, so I think it’s one of those pieces that never go out of style. Or am I wrong?  Dark, clear, with ruge, with pockets, to be worn with the sleeves rolled up … so […]