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Parka: The Casual Must-Have

Already some time ago I have reported the Must-Haves for this autumn/winter and also the Parka. Since I finally fulfilled the wish of a Parka, in the form of an olive-colored parka from SUIT, I would like to take this again as an occasion and report on the Parka trend.

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Autumn/Winter Trends 2012: Jackets

As far as the jackets of the season are concerned, you can draw from the full to your taste! But before we present the very warm winter jackets: Here are our recommendations for the transitional period: In addition to college, as well as bomber jackets, which we had already presented, jeans jackets in various washings still deserve their place in the wardrobe. Also leather blousons, biker jackets and kordjacken, also with lambskin collar. Only in leatherjackets the usual must be considered: Cheap looks mostly cheap and so some form or leather makes the wearer easily appear in an unwanted light. The trend is currently not only with leatherjackets with cuffs.

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The Right Transition Jacket For Autumn 2014

Quite calmly, I definitely would not like to finish the summer yet, but I would just like to discuss the topic “The right transition jacket for the autumn of 2014”. Because you know how fast it goes, that the hours of sunshine become less and the not so friendly weather catches.

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Fake Leather Jackets

Totally Excited About The New Colors Of Autumn Fashion 2013.

Therefore I must strike this autumn/winter particularly the so-called gemstone colors (Ruby Red, mustard yellow, forest green, Royal Blue), where I can. That is to push my predominantly black wardrobe a lot.Especially since I got anyway more appetite for color lately. Look at.

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How to Match Denim Shirt

Hello Sara, 
I’m writing to know what you think of the denim shirt.
We see all the years in anticipation of spring, so I think it’s one of those pieces that never go out of style.
 Or am I wrong? 
Dark, clear, with ruge, with pockets, to be worn with the sleeves rolled up … so I had the wish to buy one I saw last week.
E ‘clear, non-uniform color and with the ruge front.
You have ideas of combinations, ideas of accessories?
 if the latter centrate always something …

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Rockabilly Hairstyle Guide For Girls

It has Yes have you ever heard the term Rockabilly, but what exactly is that?

Originally, it is a genre of music, namely a kind of rock ‘n’ roll at rockabilly and emerged in the 1950s as a young, white musicians from the South of the United States newly interpreted the black rhythm and blues and country music mixed. Famous musicians of rockabilly are Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash.

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Printed Pants Trend

The prints also invade our pants. For in fact, this spring-summer 2012, the best fashion brands have presented a trend that we should not underestimate, if we want to dress with style and fashion. The trend is that of the printed pants: green light for flowers, animal prints, but also lines and other reasons that make it livelier our look. Light colors, pastels or fluorescent shades, lit, up to you, the important thing will be to have in our wardrobe at least one pant declined according to this trend.

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Biker Leather for Celebrities

The best of arrives it autumn? Remove the leather jacket the Cabinet without Grill down the street. In a season where the fluffy coats and long coats become desired items the biker jackets life returning to see between the celebrities. Black, short and lists for any time, although this time We go Street, the party for the weekend.

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6 Bomber Jackets for The Cold Days

You can be in the summer, but weather lately is crazy, and there are days in which makes cold, but not so much for donning a coat, so a bomber may be a good idea for the days when a jacket is required.

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Jacket and Parkas

With the arrival of the cold you think of put on warmer clothes. This season the trend star are designs with hair color in hoods, ideal for the everyday outfits chic. The parkas they weigh nothing and are waterproof for rainy days and the feathers they are the most warm coats, perfect models for cold and not give up good taste. No doubt the hair jackets, the feathers and parkas are our best allies for winter.

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