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Rising market significance:facts, figures and data Admob provides us with figures, data and facts again.This information is, as always, somewhat more US-centered, but show quite an interesting direction of the march, which is worthwhile to look deeper. Of course it must also be mentioned at this point that Admob has been bought by Google (a cartel permission is […]

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Guide: Fit With The Smartphone

Smartphones are always there. We use them to exchange and inform us. Listen with them music and watch series. We play with smartphones and build numerous apps into our everyday life. It is no wonder that our mobile phone can also be a personal trainer. We show you how the smartphone makes you fit-without great effort or high costs.

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Smartphones from Iphone 7 to Xperia Z6

New smartphones are coming every year and it is always exciting to see which flagships are coming. Which phones come in 2016 and which models we also expect, we have summarized for you. Smartphones And Mobile Phones 2016: An Outlook The first new smartphones are in the starting holes. Conferences, keynotes and other events are planned and […]

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Teamviewer App

Remote maintenance from the iPhone (iPod touch) … The TeamViewer remote teaming software is certainly not just for service staff. Whether it’s a Mac or a PC, TeamViewer allows you to quickly and easily access a computer from a distance, transfer files, or perform a screen presentation, for example, for training purposes. For the private user of, for example, the […]

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Iphone Apps Tested-Part 2

79 cents, useful investment? As part of a small series, I would like to present some iPhone OS apps that have two things in common: on the one hand, they are a real software bargain with a price of around 79 cents, on the other hand they are supposed to make the everyday life of […]

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Iphone 3gs: Preischeck In Europe

Belgium, Italy and now also the Czech Republic After yesterday it was announced that T-Mobile increases the prices of the iPhones with its small contracts, one or the other surely is considering whether it is worth to purchase a free iPhone in other European countries. So far, the new iPhone 3GS has been unlocked only in Belgium and […]

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Hello Iphone 3g, Thank You Iphone Dev Team

Software 3.0-Jailbreak & Unlock What are they for people? Who spend weeks weeks working on a provider lured iPhone to unlock all networks? In the net, they appear under pseudonyms such as planetbeing ,MuscleNerd or pumpkin. In formation, the troop is called the iPhone Dev team. And they have done it again: Both iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G can be easily jailbreaken by software […]

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Nokia Presents Cheap Smartphone For $99

While Apple relies solely on price-intensive smartphones, the Finnish company Nokia with its new series of ASHA shows devices for beginners with a small purse, which is up to seven times less cost than the current flagships of various renowned manufacturers. The ASHA 501 is a Smartphone that is equipped with the new ASHA OS […]

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Flat Iphone Battery

The iPhone is pretty high on the popularity list of mobile devices for the use of Office functions via the Internet. Contributes to this also, that the incoming messages and other documents about the Wi-Fi network to the printer can be passed from your iPhone.

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Spike, a Protective Case for The IPhone with Physical Keyboard

Although some virtual keyboards work really well and allow fairly quickly to write without errors, it must be recognized that the best choice is a physical keyboard. Put this type of configuration on a smartphone always entails complications: sacrifice screen, adding thickness to make it slide on the HTC Desire Z or the Nokia N97… […]