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Iphone 3gs: Preischeck In Europe

Belgium, Italy and now also the Czech Republic
After yesterday it was announced that T-Mobile increases the prices of the iPhones with its small contracts, one or the other surely is considering whether it is worth to purchase a free iPhone in other European countries. So far, the new iPhone 3GS has been unlocked only in Belgium and Italy. Our Czech neighbors have now also caught up with a little delay and have been presenting Apple’s latest generation in their shop windows for several days. However, what prices are calling the mobile mobile providers-I experienced a small surprise…

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Hello Iphone 3g, Thank You Iphone Dev Team

Software 3.0-Jailbreak & Unlock
What are they for people? Who spend weeks weeks working on a provider lured iPhone to unlock all networks? In the net, they appear under pseudonyms such as planetbeing ,MuscleNerd or pumpkin. In formation, the troop is called the iPhone Dev team. And they have done it again: Both iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G can be easily jailbreaken by software and then unlock. What is needed? A computer, its iPhone and a few minutes…

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Nokia Presents Cheap Smartphone For $99

While Apple relies solely on price-intensive smartphones, the Finnish company Nokia with its new series of ASHA shows devices for beginners with a small purse, which is up to seven times less cost than the current flagships of various renowned manufacturers. The ASHA 501 is a Smartphone that is equipped with the new ASHA OS from Nokia for just 99 euros in the third quarter of 2013 will be available.

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Flat Iphone Battery

The iPhone is pretty high on the popularity list of mobile devices for the use of Office functions via the Internet. Contributes to this also, that the incoming messages and other documents about the Wi-Fi network to the printer can be passed from your iPhone.

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Spike, a Protective Case for The IPhone with Physical Keyboard

Although some virtual keyboards work really well and allow fairly quickly to write without errors, it must be recognized that the best choice is a physical keyboard. Put this type of configuration on a smartphone always entails complications: sacrifice screen, adding thickness to make it slide on the HTC Desire Z or the Nokia N97… Sometimes worthwhile, others do not. As for who.

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Galaxy S7 and iPhone 6S Plus Frozen with Coca-Cola

Of all the stress that we have seen so far, this is perhaps one of the weirder, at least that’s the idea that we had at first. But, leaving aside the fact that you have used a bottle of Coke for freeze Samsung Galaxy S7 and Apple iPhone 6S Plus, the test can be meaningful and demonstrates what the resistance of the device even in extreme temperatures. The quality of materials and the highest certification possible (IP68) guarantee to S7 Edge a good degree of hope he survives, but the end result is quite remarkable for both (go to min 8:40 ):

The new top range Samsung has been on during all stages of frostbite, became part of a large Icicle and then resumed thanks to rapid melting using boiling water. No issues whatsoever, the display Always On active and fully functional smartphone without the slightest vacillation.

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Crowdfunding Jewels: iPhone-Lensbaby, XY and Epicdock

CURVED presents you the mobile highlights of Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo Startnext every week. Today with a Lensbaby lens for the iPhone, a chic dock for all smartphones, and a small printer that rolls over the paper.

Creative Focus Lens: Lensbaby for iPhone

DSLR photographers enjoy the Lensbaby lenses of already great popularity. Keep a small focused area with big blurry edges. You can easily change the focused spot due to the flexibility of the lenses. On Kickstarter, the manufacturer now raises money for the first iPhone version of its lenses. For $50, and $15, shipping the Lensbabys come to you home. Pre-orders are possible until May 2, 2014.

Epicdock: Beautiful Put iPhones and Android Smartphones

The EpicDock does not distinguish between iPhones and Android smartphones, but uses the set cell phones only due to its size limits. More than 7.6 cm may not wide his and not thicker than 1.9 cm – including shell, of course. Guide rail for a lightning – or micro-USB cable is available, so you can recharge your Smartphone in the dock.

The material, you have the choice between black or silver aluminum, cherry wood, Maple or walnut. 27 April 2014, you can support the project on kickstarter. Equivalent, you pay around 39 euros ($39 and $15 for shipping) for the EpicDock. For additional $10, you can provide the dock with a laser engraving.

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iOS 8: The New Apple Operating System

Apple iOS Has 8 Presents for the First Time to the Public

iOS 8: Apple has that worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) its new operating system iOS 8 introduced. With iOS 8 has further improved the cross-device functionality Apple because Apple users can access their data with the new operating system in the future much easier. The only disadvantage of the new operating system iOS 8: iOS operating system 8 works well only in the newer iPhone models from iPhone 4S.

With the new operating system iOS 8 much easier going for Apple customers. So clearly improved the communication possibilities for iOS 8: texts, photos and videos can be by the user now with one wipe with others sharing. The management was simplified group messages. And easier 8 is also writing messages with iOS: the new Word detection QuickType remembers namely the words and phrases, that the message writer prefer type used and considered it also, who is just written-the message to Grandma the suggested phrases are so other than when the message to the best mate. Using iCloud Apple customers will have easier access to photos and videos from anywhere, also to be possible to change during activities between different devices. If you want, can the operating system iOS 8 with the new app for health and fitness data bundle its all info from his other Gesundheitsapps. Also the new family sharing feature, which is one of the operating system iOS is clever 8 offers: it allows up to six persons of a family the mutual access to shared data. Also can the parents with the new Apple operating system iOS 8 locate their children and check their shopping online make it.

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iPhone 6 with Curved Sapphire Crystal Display?

The Latest Rumors Around the iPhone 6

After iPhone 5 and 5C, that is iPhone 6 already in planning. Latest rumored Apple test already displays for the iPhone 6 4.7 and 5.5 inches in size. Also curved displays are reportedly in talks with Apple.

The iPhone 5 s is the glazing of the camera and the fingerprint sensor made of extremely durable and scratch-resistant Sapphire Crystal. Rumored Apple plans now that the entire front of the new iPhone to produce 6 Sapphire: according to the information of the Web page for ibtimes.com the Californian company has paid GT advanced technologies already converted approximately EUR 400 million, to promote large sapphire surfaces as Apple could use it at the iPhone 6.


Also the news channel Bloomberg knows how to tell a lot about the new Apple displays. Insider reported alleged that Apple is working on completely new displays, which are bent like in the Samsung Galaxy round. The displays are equipped with sensors that could distinguish between solid and slight pressure. And the Japanese website macotakara.jp reported that the iPhone 6 will have a 5-inch full-HD display. The edges of the display are reportedly extremely thin. So thin, that the iPhone 6 could be the first Smartphone of this magnitude, that is can be operated with one hand.

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iPhone 6s: 800 Engineers At Apple Take Care Only That A Component

3D touch was, without a doubt, the biggest innovation in the new generation of the iPhone. But apparently so much is given attention in the development of hardly any other part of the iPhone as the camera.

This at least explains Graham Townsend, Senior Director for camera hardware, in conversation with the U.S. show “60 minutes”. This large number of skilled workers is not an exaggeration: so the iSight camera consists of 200 individual components. “To take a picture, 24 billion processes running”, so Graham against US-talker Charlie Rose. The image stabilization and focusing everyone be housed under another four wafer-thin wires, only half as much as a human hair, to avoid blurry.

iPhone 6s 800 Engineers At Apple Take Care Only That A Component

Thus, Apple takes into account that the iPhone according to Flickr is the most popular camera for years the fact. This year, the Group has a global campaign also launched shows motifs that were shot with the Smartphone.

In Conversation With Tim Cook

In the detailed report, the Viewer is also an insight into Apple’s testing lab for iPhone cameras. The engineers have the ability to simulate a wide range of lighting conditions – of deepest night until Sunrise there. Based on the collected data, the software can calibrate accordingly. Thus, the camera is unquestionably one of the most complex components in the iPhone.

“60 minutes” also talked CEO Tim Cook about his coming out, the criticism of the Group and the production in the far East.

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