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Miscellany: Android

Rising market
significance:facts, figures and data Admob provides us with figures, data and facts again.This information is, as always, somewhat more US-centered, but show quite an interesting direction of the march, which is worthwhile to look deeper. Of course it must also be mentioned at this point that Admob has been bought by Google (a cartel permission is still pending) and the Google is the driver behind Android. In the current report on the use of mobile devices Admob analyzes the data traffic of Android within the network of Admob. Overall, Admob recorded in March 2010 34 different Android models from a total of 12 manufacturers. Compared to the September report, there are now no more than two, but a total of 11 devices responsible for 96 per cent of data trafficking.

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Spike, a Protective Case for The IPhone with Physical Keyboard

Although some virtual keyboards work really well and allow fairly quickly to write without errors, it must be recognized that the best choice is a physical keyboard. Put this type of configuration on a smartphone always entails complications: sacrifice screen, adding thickness to make it slide on the HTC Desire Z or the Nokia N97… Sometimes worthwhile, others do not. As for who.

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Google Smartwatch Operating System

The evidence piling up that we will be seeing a smartwatch equipped with Google Now already this year. The Wall Street Journal claims that LG is behind one of them.

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HTC 10 Also Appears on GFXBench

There are only a couple of weeks just to the launch of the new flagship of HTC, which should be known simply as HTC 10 and will be presented in a joint event in London, New York and Taipei (more online streaming) at 14:00 (Italian time) of 12 April.

The device now know so much: have leaked many real photos in recent times, supported by render and more. Recently we even saw Flex their muscles on AnTuTu, scoring high scores considerably higher than devices equipped with similar processors. Today also appears on another platform to benchmark, GFXBench; We find out news particularly egregious except a series of confirmations about the hardware features main and a few surprises.

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Five Tricks You Didn’t Know for the HTC One

The HTC One has been one of the surprises of the year in the world of mobile telephony. HTC has gotten an Android smartphone that not only boasts the most advanced specifications but its design, camera and exclusive applications are outstanding.

You already have it in your hands, or you are thinking do you with it. Either way, today in technology you your you teach five tricks (more tricks can be found on Cellphoneexplorer.com) that we are sure that you do not know for the best performance. Let’s see if you already knew them or not.

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Hologram Technology: Science Fiction Becomes Reality

Novel Chip Produces Holograms

Is known right holograms usually only from science fiction films, for example from Star Wars. They could soon become reality. The American company Ostendo has now demonstrated a real hologram. Next year, the hologram technology in mass production could go and find in Smartphone use.

The US company Ostendo has almost ten years and on a chip worked almost unnoticed by the public, produces the holograms and a just such hologram journalists presented by the Wall Street Journal. During the demonstration, two rotating green cube were produced, superbly could see the audience from every angle.

As the technology of the Quantum Photon generator, which produces a hologram works: the chip produced by Ostendo, the “Ostendo quantum Photonic imager” creates three-dimensional and floating freely in the air pictures that all sides consider themselves allow – no reflective mirror used in the technique, as are known from similar holographic process. The chip, which projected the hologram, created nearly a million pixels – equivalent to 5,000 dpi. For comparison: the new smartphone LG G3, which comes on the market soon, has a screen resolution of 534 dpi, which are between 100-200 dpi more than most other premium Smartphones such as iPhone, Xperia or Galaxy S5 – 5,000 dpi are really gigantic. Ostendo wants to even further increase the resolution in the future. The chip about the size of a Tic Tac, the Wall Street Journal reported.

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