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The Upgrade Case of Google!

Why is not currently worth buying an Android device… In
advance to the explanation, no, this is not an entry of an iPhone user the desperate reasons to seek to justify the alleged ach so high purchase price of his device, rather it is rather a post of a user , Who wanted to jog a new MP3 player and considered why you could not take a smartphone for this. With the great app My Tracks-an Android app that looks more or less in the ease of its peers. However, what hurts me so far on Android smartphones is the fragmentation, which is the ambiguity with regard to systemversion policy.

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Youtube App: New Spooling

The fact that Google is permanently working on the functionality of its apps is now well-known.And even if it is a bit off the parent company, YouTube is also a Google product through the purchase a few years ago. So we can report from time to time that there are some new features in the app. This time it is a real Spulenfunktion, which should be particularly advantageous with longer videos.

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Android N Developer Preview 2, Hidden Menu Introduces Greater Integration of VR Systems

New products for Android N Developer Preview 2 continue to emerge, and this time we parlaimo a small gem linked to virtual reality systems, increasingly projected to become an integral part of the evolution in both home and mobile.

If we look at the mobile segment, only time will tell if the various viewers, Google Cardboard and the like, are just a passing fad or future developments may make these technologies really usable, however it seems that Google really wants to bet.

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Android N Developer Preview 2, Yet Many News Emerged Today

Continue to blast off small innovations of the new Android Developer Preview 2 N, released the day before yesterday. We are now secondary details, but are nevertheless very interesting. For example, we start with a clarification concerning the new quick setting of the calculator: it turns out that also functions above the lock screen; Obviously Google has judged harmless enough, and we can only agree.

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Android 2.1 Study Available for Developers, Support to Android and Java N 8

Google has officially released version 2.1 of the Android tool stable Studio, listing new products through a video explanation that will follow. Mostly these are the same changes shown in the Preview, then passing to the compiler Jack, support for new Android API N, plus the addition of Lambda Expressions contained in Java 8.

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Moto 360 Android Wear Version

Great ideas that show us different looks of Android Wear in the Moto 360

If there is a smartwatch is expected with great anticipation-and not talk about the iWatch-that certainly is the Moto 360. The few trailers that has shown Motorola on your smart watch and show that lies above everything we have seen so time. its sleek and elegant design, coupled with being the first device to implement Android Wear are already more than enough reasons to want to launch.

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Google Explains What Happened to Blogger

The snippet: Blogger is back! You can now access the control panel of your blog and write a new post much cursing the service and announced his departure for WordPress.

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Google Search in Firefox is More Used Than Yahoo or Bing

A company that offers ads on the internet reached a rather unexpected conclusion – at least for me: the Google is so large and powerful that only the presence of the browser as the main tool to search Mozilla Firefox is enough to overcome the market shares of other competitors.

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Google Deletes Android Apps That Gathered Private Data

The Google was caught short pants this time: the team that takes care of the Android Market was forced to remove some wallpaper setting applications in a hurry. This app was collecting user information and sending it to a developer. All with the device owner’s consent, which makes things worse.

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Google Will Have to Pay $ 7000 for Fake Profile

The Google Brazil was ordered to pay $ 7,000 to a man who accuses the Orkut to allow false information about him were published. The man, whose name was not given, had his name included in the community “Arrest the thieves UNICRUZ” which apparently discoursed on a swindlers gang with a broad portfolio of crimes. He was offended and sued Google Brazil with a favorable decision.

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