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Wrong, We All Use These Beauty Products

Hair clips, sunscreen or beauty Blender-wrong-we use many of our everyday beauty products without realizing it. So it goes right!

How to properly use Nail Polish and co.

We use almost every day and still not we are aware many beauty products, how we really use them. That can cause that incorrectly keeps the makeup or the effect is not as it should be. We no longer make this typical application errors in the future.

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Makeup and Look with Glitter and Twinkle Walkthrough

A good idea at the time to perform the makeup is to add much brightness and color to the textures that give the sparkle or glitter are ideal, since they give brightness, flashes of light, and glamour.

In this article, we disclose some techniques to learn how to use these materials in a proper manner and be able to apply them to our daily look.

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The Look of the Years 70 in Makeup and Hairstyle

A time of important changes occurred in the Decade of 70, where the look hippie and disco were successful.

The makeup and hairstyles characteristic of 70 Years were full of bright colors, but also a natural style for the face.

Next, give the details to get all the splendor of the season and add it to our days.

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Dior ‘Electric Tropics’ – 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette – “Rosy Tan”

Continue with my second favorite product from the upcoming summer collection “Electric Tropics’ by Dior – the eye shadow palette in the darker nuance,”rosy Tan”.

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PPQ Me, Myself & Eye Eyeshadow Palette – Summary Of All Looks

Hello my dears! This week the third  Sleek Week took place, where we showed you five looks with the Sleek Eyeshadow Palette PPQ Me, Myself & Eye. Today there is the summary of our looks and the hint of how you can participate. Rightly heard, for you are your turn! Show us your Sleek Looks with the PPQ range or similar eyeshadow colors and upload your link in our posts.

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Eyeliner For Beginners

I keep hearing that many women do not dare to try an eyeliner on the movable lid. There are various methods – by Kajal eye color, by felt-tip pens, Federapplikator up to liquid eyeliner, which is applied with a thin brush.

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Eye Makeup like Angelina Jolie

Eye makeup of Angelina Jolie recently characterized by a very glamorous eyeliner, rather pointed at the ends of the eyes. This look combines it with a nude look very flattering in his sensual lips, make-up, according to some sources, with a bar of out of print Guerlain only manufactured for her. But those are just rumors. Today I’m going to give a few tips on how make you eyes as she.

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Ways to Grow Eyebrows Faster

If you’ve ever wasted time and money testing homemade recipes to grow eyebrow (like me), then it’s time to meet these three tips to speed up the growth of the area.

Until a while ago, I think I’ve tested all the homemade methods to grow faster. Primarily an area where grew more due to frequent waxing. Castor oil, olive oil, ointment bepantol, Aloe, Vaseline … are some of the homemade recipes. Some even worked, but grows very slowly. Until I met two products that actually work for eyebrows and eyelashes.

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90s Makeup Tips

Make up the years’ 90, all the tips and products for a perfect ninetines look: from gloss, preferably fruit, passing by the black pencil to the inner rim of the eye, the Brown lipstick, return all trends beauty that characterized that fabulous period!

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Colored Eyeliner Trend

Between the make up trends 2016 catching the colours of eyeliner: from Rose Quartz, emerald green eyes absolutely in focus! It’s a trend that we have already had the opportunity to appreciate the runways and that soon will fill our vanity case with the coolest shades of the season.

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