Women's Oversized Coat

How to Wear an Oversized Coat

Warm, comfortable, modern and super charming, oversized coats are taking up more and more the wardrobe of women who wish to warm themselves in the cold days with style and personality!


A Pregnancy to The High Temperatures of The Summer Test

If anything more stressful in the last trimester of pregnancy, it is to withstand the last trimester of pregnancy in the summer. The heat It is unbearable and if it is usual that swell to the feet and legs, with heat swelling is still worse. So today we will of shopping special for pregnant women allow endure high temperatures with […]


Pregnancy Calendar: Week 37 to 40 Week

Week to week and month to month, have come to the last month of pregnancy of the pregnancy calendar. At this point, we talked about a pregnancy to term as from 37 weeks the baby is ready to be born. Only 5% of babies are born in the estimated date of confinement, i.e., the day he […]


Pregnancy in a Wedding to Be The Guest More Pretty Lights

Invited to a wedding and pregnant? You enter into panic, there are plenty of brands that offer clothing pre-mama modern, beautiful and not particularly expensive. The pregnant women they tend to be more beautiful than ever during the months of pregnancy, so take advantage to look pregnant with a perfect look. For a wedding night opts for a multicolored […]


Wedding Dresses Sew

On the most beautiful day in life every bride would like to wear the most beautiful dress. However, more sophisticated wedding dresses are unfortunately also relatively expensive. Some brides would not want to spend so much money on a wedding dress that is usually worn only on this one day. Nevertheless, you do not have to do without […]


Cocktail Dresses-The Perfect Choice For Many Occasions

Is the summer party, reception, or even an elegant Gala. There, every woman wants to look naturally good. With the choice of a cocktail dress, you are always fashionable and elegant dressed. But even if you want to look chic in everyday, easy grip on the cocktail dress. With black, white, or red knee-length gowns are pared always festive. A […]


2014 Trend In Party Dresses

If you like to go out and have fun and wear a dress every time you go out, then you can’t miss the 2014 trends that are characterized by the elegance and the presence of sparkles. Generally speaking we have to mention the precious stones, sequins, fringes, feathers or the style of the 20 years which […]


Low-Cost Party Dresses

Whenever an event lies ahead, concern focuses on to wear the color, design and even many worry that something can be offensive and inappropriate, because if you fail to repeat the outfit is something that destroys the pride of any.


How To Match A Blue Dress

If you have a blue dress, you will serve both as a black cocktail dress. This color is at once elegant, but also with a lot of character, so you can use it at a wedding, a cocktail party or a birthday, both day and night.